augustus, 2013

      The influential factors within a vibrant electronic music scene

      Gray, gloomy, cold, inspiring, artistic and open-minded. The superlatives to define the city of Berlin are unlimited. The city offers inspiration to her residents as well as to thousands of visitors. Berlin is a melting pot of inspiring surroundings and artistic personalities, which results in an ideal decor to explore and create art.

      Dekmantel Festival

      [separator type=”thin”] After numerous indoor events, Dekmantel decided to take the next step (and risk) by organizing two outdoor festivals this summer. Last June the organization left a positive mark with their “lentekabinet’ festival and a week ago the ‘Dekmantel’ festival took place. What started…

      Pig & Dan

      Podcast 33 Pig & Dan

      [separator type=”thin”] Podcast number 33 is recorded by Pig & Dan; two appreciated personalities in the global electronic music scene. Igor Tchkotoua (Pig) and Dan Duncan (Dan) met each other on a flight to Spain in 1999. This unplanned meeting of like-minded personalities emerged in a…

      Artists to watch out for; Deep’a & Biri

      [separator type=”thin”] Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are definitely not the most common city’s which come to mind when you’re thinking about classical genres such as Chicago and Detroit house. Despite this prejudice about Israel and the musical heritage which originates from this country, Israel certainly…