februari, 2014


      Chicago Files: Spirit of the Black 808

      [separator type=”thin”] Chicago Files 002 Episode two of our Chicago Files is a bit of an X-file. Last year Spirit of the Black 808 suddenly emerged from the depths of the electronic scene, but despite speculations the  true identity of this mysterious entity has yet…

      Jerome Sydenham

      Podcast 41 Jerome Sydenham

      [separator type=”thin”] Our relatively ‘new’ podcast sequence featured some amazing names so far. Both talented producers and established artists invested time and energy to record a podcast, something we’re extremely thankful for. We’re pretty proud to share another podcast with one of our favorite artists,…


      Colo – UR (Ki Records)

      [separator type=”thin”] Colo’s debut album on Ki Records, ‘UR’, almost didn’t happen. Nick Smith and Ben Corr were in the final stages of production when, one evening, their un-backed studio laptop was left in a London pub. Fortunately the computer was honestly returned to its…

      Omar S

      Column: Omar S, A Romantic Anti-hero

      [separator type=”thin”] In the current position of our modern dance ‘community’, which is much better described by the term a ‘well-oiled industry’ than a ‘community’, we yearn for anti-heroes. DJs, producers or party organizers who act solely out of artistic considerations, personalities who still embrace…

      House Cult Community

      Podcast 40 MOTSA

      [separator type=”thin”] The 40th podcast in our ongoing podcast sequence is recorded by MOTSA. We stumbled upon this talented producer while we were checking out some new releases. His track ‘The Ruoma’ made quite an impression and we asked MOTSA right away to record a…

      Hector Couto

      Podcast 39 Hector Couto

      [separator type=”thin”] Podcast 39 Hector Couto Hector Couto is a shining example that talent and youth can go hand in hand. Hailing from the ever fertile Tenerife region of Spain, Hector has commanded the respect of the international electronic scene in no time at all….