House Cult is an online community focused on electronic music

House Cult is a community focused on electronic music. It’s not about one particular genre, but about the entire electronic music subculture. We write on a daily base about interesting subjects, artists and releases. We also publish a podcast every month with international artists.
We discuss club culture and the influential people that can be found in the scene. Electronic music has become a constant changing and evolving subculture. A huge amount of people take part in this subculture, and we like to highlight the dedicated and outspoken personalities.
The electronic music scene is way more than just the music and events. It is a subculture that consists of people who are connected by their mutual passion for music. It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.
Visit our community for information about new releases, interviews and the latest news. When you have suggestions or recommendations, please contact House Cult. If you would like to contribute, please browse to the contribute page for more information.