House Cult is a community focused on electronic music. A particular active subculture full of people who all share the same passion for electronic music. For some still a cult, for others a way to enrich everyday life. For all of us a culture that brings us together.

The influential factors within a vibrant electronic music scene

Gray, gloomy, cold, inspiring, artistic and open-minded. The superlatives to define the city of Berlin are unlimited. The city offers inspiration to her residents as well as to thousands of visitors. Berlin is a melting pot of inspiring surroundings and artistic personalities, which results in an ideal decor to explore and create art.

Pig & Dan

Podcast 33 Pig & Dan

Podcast number 33 is recorded by Pig & Dan;¬†two appreciated personalities in the global electronic music scene. Igor Tchkotoua (Pig) and Dan Duncan (Dan) met each other on a flight to Spain in 1999. This unplanned meeting of like-minded personalities emerged in a flourishing collaboration…