Casper Rijnsdorp

Casper Rijnsdorp

Casper who originates from the Dutch Countryside has had a profound connection with music since his younger years. After an experimental period and playing with various instruments Casper developed his interest for electronic music such as deep house, tech-house and techno. Casper is blessed with creative writings skills which make him an excellent reporter for House Cult. He essentially writes about anything which come to mind when you're thinking about electronic music. Casper recently started his study in Amsterdam and spends his remaining free time with producing music and spinning records.

10 Years Of Einmusik

[separator type=”thin”] Most of you are obviously familiar with Einmusik. He is currently one of the biggest names within several electronic  genres, with both an incredible live set as a huge amount of releases on his name. Besides being a worldwide successful DJ and live…

Gacha Apollo Records

Gacha – When The Watchman Saw The Light

[separator type=”thin”] The focus in electronic music is often on steady rhythms, drops, and loud basslines nowadays. Therefore, it is a nice surprise to encounter an electronic music artist every now and then, who does not limit himself to what moves the crowd, but focuses…


Red Bull Studio Session with Ben Westbeech aka Breach

[separator type=”thin”] Red Bull Studio Session with Ben Westbeech aka Breach The Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam are just one of the eight Red Bull studios stationed worldwide. The Red Bull studios offer talented producers and musicians the opportunity to learn and improve all sorts…