Julian Gijsen

Julian moved to Amsterdam only a few years ago, and it was then when he got in touch with electronic music. But even though his introduction to electronic music was fairly recent, he tries to absorb loads of it every day. Over the years, he has developed a profound interest in the melodic, emotional and even a bit mysterious part of deep house and its surrounding genres. He shares the music he loves as much as he can. Not only by playing it, but as well by sharing music daily on his artist page (his pseudonym is Romyn, his third name). He even started a music platform with three friends called KOLLEKT.FM because he believes music is at its best when shared. And even though he clearly (and obviously) has his own taste, he always tries to give an honest opinion about other kinds of electronic music.

Max Cooper in 4D: experience music like never before

[separator type=”thin”] A recently developed sound system, named 4D, is a unique system which allows live performing artists, to express themselves in an original and revolutionary way. Julian, one of our writers, had the opportunity to experience the 4D phenomenon during a tryout featuring Max…

Dekmantel Festival

[separator type=”thin”] After numerous indoor events, Dekmantel decided to take the next step (and risk) by organizing two outdoor festivals this summer. Last June the organization left a positive mark with their “lentekabinet’ festival and a week ago the ‘Dekmantel’ festival took place. What started…