Nolo Ngobene

Nolo Ngobene

Nolo is a student who’s currently living in London and studying Media at Brighton University with a passion for house music and the night life it brings. Nolo prefers to listen to soulful deep house, but can kick it to electro, tech and progressive. On the rare occasion he listens to some old school hip hop, garage and R&B. You can find Nolo in the London club scene but he would prefer to travel to Leeds because ”they really know how to party”.


Presk – Saluki EP

[separator type=”thin”] Amsterdam based Presk release’s his ‘Saluki’ EP on Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen Imprint today. Presk has been kicking it since 2011 and is known for his own unique wave of style, a collection of different sounds that blend and mix to make…

Black Jazz Consortiium - Selected

Selected – Compiled by Fred P

[separator type=”thin”] American born DJ Fred P is about to drop an album consisting of various artists’ bringing any house lover to their knees. To be released on his very own label, Boards, the album titled ‘Selected: Compiled by Fred P’ is a chilled, relaxing…