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Images and text

House Cult adheres value to the copyright rules within the modern Internet era. If you detect your content, such as images, published without recognition of the author, notify us so we can add the right information about the creator or delete the material if needed. We hope that everyone abides by these rules and not blindly copies texts or images from House Cult. If you would like to use images created by one of our photographers, please send us a message.


All published audio material on this website is streamed from other platforms like Soundcloud. In most cases, we get the audio material sent by artists and labels. We only publish audio which is distributed by artists or labels and allowed to use. If you encounter content that is not legitimate, please notify us by contacting House Cult.


House Cult is not responsible for the actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information published. Liability claims will, therefore, be rejected. Certain parts of articles or the entire publication will be adjusted if necessary without prior notice.

References and hyperlinks

House Cult is not responsible for the content on pages that we refer or link to. If any damage occurs by information on the pages referenced or linked to, the author or the respective website is responsible for the damage suffered. Furthermore, we are not responsible for comments, messages that are posted by visitors on this website.

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