Artists to watch out for on this year’s Buiten Westen Festival

This Saturday, the 18th of July, the fourth edition of the Buiten Westen festival takes place in Amsterdam. Buiten Westen managed to mark their festival as a hotbed of creativity with a liberal-minded vibe during the last couple of years. Accompanied by top notch electronic music, that goes without saying. The five stages on this year’s festival will be hosted by Next Monday’s Hangover, Pleinvrees, PaardenKracht, NGHTDVSN, ZeeZout and Cartel.

Each organization will host a stage with their own musical footprint and matching atmosphere and identity. As said the festival offers more than just music. There will be a giant ferris wheel, a festival market to wander around and you can get tattooed to demonstrate your commitment and contribute to Human Rights. With over 40 acts, it can be quite hard to select your favorite acts to watch out for. No worries, we will help you out and list a few artists you should definitely check out next Saturday.


One of our recommendations for this year’s Buiten Westen is Dauwd. A brilliant producer who’s born in The States, has Iraqi roots, was raised in Wales and is currently based in London. Dauwd is known for his dreamlike and melodic tracks. Tracks that work both in a cozy home setting as on a dancefloor. Dauwd released his debut EP on Pictures Music in 2011 and has also released on Ghostly International. He’s currently touring all over the world and didn’t perform much in the Netherlands yet, so make sure to check him out. You won’t be disappointed.

Dauwd – What’s There (Pictures Music)

Lil’ Louis

Lil’ Louis is one of the monumental pioneers of the Chicago house movement. Is anyone not familiar with ‘French Kiss’, his seminal 1989 hit record? We don’t think so. Born in Chicago, son of a guitarist, grew up with nine siblings and started DJ-ing during the mid-70s. As you may have noticed, this guy is quite a character.

At the end of the seventies Louis owned his own club. In the eighties he threw the biggest house parties in Chicago, scored massive hits with ‘French Kiss’ and ‘I Called U’ and also faced the downside of a musical career leading to a four year break on his own productions. He has worked with countless international artists and is still going strong.

Lil’Louis & The World – I Called You

Delano Smith

Our next recommendation is also from The States, not from Chicago, but from that other hotbed of electronic music; Detroit. Delano Smith started DJing in the eighties, in a period where ‘mobile DJs’ presented themselves as a new phenomenon. Smith picked up his skills by playing countless parties in the Detroit underground nightlife.

After a break from the wheels of steel in the nineties, Delano Smith started playing again and started releasing music in 2002. He also founded his own label and listed countless well-received releases since 2002.

ARMA Podcast 65: Delano Smith

Petar Dundov

Petar Dundov describes techno as ‘music that precedes movement. It is dance music, solid enough to carry emotions through the dancefloor and abstract enough to be a template for ever’. Although it’s not too hard to link a specific musical genre to an artist, it’s pretty damn hard to do while you’re talking about Petar Dundov. And let’s be honest, there’s no need to as well. The guy is simply brillant.

His inspiring combination of slow-burning and hypnotic progressions, high-energetic peaks and solid and gloomy low frequencies are one of a kind. Petar Dundov expands the horizons of your own expectations. We can name all the producers he’s worked with, but the list is immense and more than impressive. Dundov is travelling the world for years now and has seen it all, but still impresses each and every time, and that’s pure quality. Don’t miss this guy.

Caduceus Podcast 9: Petar Dundov

Tickets for Buiten Westen Festival can be purchased via For more information visit the Buiten Westen Facebook page or website.

Date: Saturday the 18th of July 2015 | 12:00 – 23:00 uur
Location: Westerpark – Amsterdam
Time: 12:00 – 23:00 uur
Price: €42,50

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