Cirque Magique; music is the strongest form of magic

Music brings inspiration, music makes you think, sing, feel and dance. It supports you during difficult moments in life, but above all, music connects people. This musical connection is something we encountered on a Belgium festival named ‘Cirque Magique‘. A 3 days festival in Ledegem in the province of West Flanders.

After a week of pouring rain and below-average temperatures, it looked like the first “Magique” already happened when we arrived in the fields of Ledegem close to the French border. The sun was tickling our skin with temperatures around 22-24 degrees, we couldn’t have asked for more!

We charged our wristbands with some credit and entered the 3 days festival on Saturday the 6th. Starting with the Italian-born Francesca Lombardo we kicked off at the  ‘Cirque Magique Stage’. Immediately we felt there was a really good vibe going on, a pleasant entourage with smiling and enthusiastic people. We would describe the ‘Cirque Magique’ stage and decoration as colorful and this setting combined with an energetic crowd was a nice introduction to the festival.

After the positive vibes we experienced at Francesca, we had a difficult time choosing between several artists like Dimitri Andreas, Marco Faraone, Chris Tietjes, Hobo, Technasia, Carlo Rio, Igor Vicente and Dubfire at the ‘Cirque Magique’ stage and the ‘Hybrid’ stage, so we hopped between stages all day long. ‘Hybrid’ delivered an intimate stage made out of wooden pallets with an excellent sound system. A positive feature of the festival lay-out was the fact that the distances between the stages were in good balance, so beats from other stages were never in conflict with each other.

At the ‘House of the Bull’ stage, a stage made out of shipping containers, the organization booked some old-time superheroes like Bountyhunter, Yves Deruyter, Zolex, Franky Jones and Dj Ghost. It more or less remembered us about the good old days in Belgium clubs like Atmoz, Club-X, Cherrymoon and Zillion. As well as iconic Belgium tracks from the past like; Zolex – Beautiful Inside, Zolex – Time Modulator and Bountyhunter – Whoomp.

Overall, the festival delivered quality music. You can’t go wrong music-wise at the ‘Cirque Magique festival’. Let’s hope next years line-up will be just as good or even better. The performances, as said, were outstanding, and there was a lot going you won’t expect at a relatively small festival. One of those ‘surprises’ were skydivers landing behind the “Cirque Magique” stage, very cool to watch and pretty original.

Did the magic happen? Yes, we think so. ‘Crique Magique’ has a very motivated crew, volunteers, and staff. They know how to throw a party and let’s hope they manage to keep this intimate feeling alive at this festival.

For some reason, there is something special about that Belgium crowd as well, a form of politeness mixed with an approachable mindset made it a very pleasant day and night with a lot of nice conversations while dancing.

Next year we definitely need to attend the entire weekend, sadly we missed a bunch of good artists on Friday and Sunday. I personally would have loved to see Joran van Pol, Matador and Paul Ritch. Hope to see you next year guys. Thank you ‘Cirque Magique’, you are amazing!


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