DGTL Festival 2014 Amsterdam

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Last Saturday House Cult attended one of this year’s first outdoor festivals: the 2nd edition of the DGTL festival located in the old harbor area in the North part of Amsterdam, better known as the NDSM-docklands. The festival was divided in 6 stages and hosted by several organizations such as Kompakt.fm, Innervisions, Crew Love and The Red Bull Studios. Every stage provided a massive line-up both on Saturday as on Sunday with local heroes like Job Jobse, Full Crate, Gerd and international headliners like Gui Boratto, Dixon and Skream.

All the stages offered a different vibe and visual surrounding. The most impressive one was without a doubt the Digital stage. The stage was completely build out of containers which are normally used for transport across land and sea and created a raw underground surrounding. Even though the stage was quite unusual, the sound quality was very good.

We kicked of our day with hanging around the Kompakt stage, where you could enjoy the sun, some beers, good food and meet up with your friends. Our next stop was the Analog stage which was located in an old warehouse. The analog stage was pretty packed when we tried to get in due to the start of Oliver Schories his set. When we conquered our spot we really enjoyed the performance of the fast-rising DJ from Hamburg.

Next up was Kollektiv Turmstrasse who performed a live set we will remember for years. The performance from the German duo was totally in sync with the vibe of the moment. The evening sun was shining through the old, with graffiti covered, windows of the warehouse and that setting combined with a crowd psyched to hear them play resulted in a great atmosphere.

Our next stop was John Talabot at the Digital stage. The Spanish producer played a three hour set and, in our opinion, the best set of the day. He took us on a musical trip with lots of mind-blowing tunes. It is always a great pleasure to hear and see this master preform, even though his contact with the crowd is minimal.

On our way back to the Analog stage to see and hear Miss Melera, we were surprised by a futuristic dressed brass band marching over the festival terrain. Hearing the brass music after walking out of John Talabot’s set, was kind of a musical shock, but in a good way. The surprising acts and additional art was one of the key-assets as promised by the organization and it really worked out well.

The most impressive art form at the festival were the Lords of Lightning. Two guys, both standing on a pole, dancing with lighting bolds coming out of their hands and heads. Make sure you see these guys somewhere or search a video on YouTube. It’s amazing to see.

We ended our day at the Analog stage with the deep sounds of Miss Melera. She made a fully packed warehouse dance until the first day of the festival ended. DGTL festival set the bar pretty high with the line-up and the promising setting of the festival itself. After attending one day of the festival we can say that all expectations were definitely fulfilled. We had a blast and hope to be back next year.

Picture credits:  Desiré van den Berg

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Maurice Paans

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