DJ Skull heads back to Holland after 22 years

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More than twenty years have passed since DJ Skull first travelled to Holland on the back of his successful first singles for the Eindhoven-based Djax-Up-Beats imprint. This week the Chicago legend returns to the Netherlands to play two sets in Rotterdam and one in Amsterdam.

In the nineties DJ Skull (real name Ron Maney) recorded some of his best work for Eindhoven based Djax-Up-Beats, including the classic ‘Stomping Grounds’, ‘Graveyard Orchestra’ and ‘Acid Wiss L’. Maney: “There’s always been a deep Dutch connection. A lot of Chicago artists had an outlet there due to Miss Djax coming to Chicago long ago and meeting with the producers. This was way before the internet boom, so it was more personal. She showed me lots of interest and brought me over after one recording, so I had time to be there and get the vibe early on in my career. I’m still grateful for that until this day.”

Since he got back in the game last year the Chicago legend has been touring extensively. “Since I last spoke to House Cult I made it to South America for the first time. I loved the audience there. In Detroit I was able to go to the Techno Museum and hang out with Underground Resistance and Mike Banks and gather some of the history. I made it to the first overseas club I ever played, Psycho Thrill in Cologne, and once again had a great time there. It was mad. The super surprise was playing at Berghain for its anniversary prime time with Steffi. I had no idea of the magnitude of that club. It was like being on another planet with people from all over the globe.”

In Amsterdam Maney will be playing alongside Dutch techno pioneer Orlando Voorn, who supported the Chicago legend when he struggled to find his way when he initially made his return more than a year ago. “Orlando contacted me to give me confidence to keep working and to have fun doing it. He knew I was down that things were not going as fast as I thought they would and I had to build a new audience. Luckily I was blessed last year and it really only took about eight months to get back in the air flying. I met with Orlando in Germany before Berghain. It was like we always knew each other. It’s the power of music. I really look forward to hanging out with him in Amsterdam.”

DJ Skull will be playing at Bird and Bahn on June 12 and at Canvasopde7e on June 13 with Orlando Voorn.

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Rogier Oostlander

Rogier Oostlander is the former editor-in-chief of Bassic Groove Magazine, one of the first magazines worldwide dedicated to house music culture in the early nineties. He now works as a record dealer and copywriter in Haarlem, the Netherlands.