Artists to watch out for on this year’s Lentekabinet Festival

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This summer promises to be a challenging summer for the festival enthusiasts. With a surplus of high-quality festivals, it can be hard at times to make choices. Nevertheless, there are two Dutch festivals we always mark in our schedule; Dekmantel festival and Lentekabinet festival.

With the internationally renowned Dekmantel festival, the intimate and higly regarded Lentekabinet festival, a successful record imprint and lots of international showcases up their sleeve, Dekmantel is has fast become one of the most esteemed parties within the electronic music scene.

Dekmantel locked in the 28th of May to celebrate the fifth edition of its Lente Kabinet festival in nature reserve ‘Het Twiske’, close to Amsterdam. The line-up offers seasoned artists as well as fresh oddball names that suit the intimate character of Lente Kabinet so well. On this year’s bill, long-established forerunners as Ben UFO, John Talabot, Daniel Avery, and Jeremy Underground go hand in hand with idiosyncratic acts as Delroy Edwards, DJ Deeon, and Hashman Deejay.

Lente Kabinet is the little sister event from the creators of Dekmantel Festival and is a one-day event that focuses on an avant-garde music and arts program in a stunning decor of lush green nature. The art program has been an important part of Lente Kabinet since the beginning and provides a pleasant intermezzo in between dancing.

Dekmantel is well-known for their challenging musical programming. There’s always something new and interesting to discover on their events. We like to highlight three of the acts you should definitely check out at this year’s Lentekabinet festival.

Jeremy Underground

Born in 1986 in a parisian suburb, Jeremy is a passionate record collector and music lover who’s collection and knowledge of deep house surpasses his years of collecting it. Falling madly in love with Deep House in 1997 thanks to Radio Nova in Paris, he spent his formative teenage years in record shops with a sole idea in mind: unearthing all the hidden treasures of House music, leaving no stone unturned.

Jeremy started “My Love Is Underground” in 2010, a vinyl-only label dedicated to his first love: the authentic New York/New Jersey house sound. His mission was to bring these warm vibes back and showcase the spirit of this golden era in house.

Regarded as a fine selector with a strong musical identity, Jeremy now carries his heavy bag of records across the globe, spreading his love for underground music. His sets share similar class, burning up dance floors wherever he goes & you can be sure that the flag for ‘hard core deep house’ will be flying high for years to come.

Jeremy Underground Boiler Room Paris DJ set

Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall is a British deep house producer and DJ whose bright, melodic tracks pay reverence to the foundations of house and garage, while keeping up to date with the underground dance music scene. Vynehall got his start as a musician by playing drums and piano, eventually taking up synthesizer.

He started producing house tracks in 2012 and formed Laszlo Dancehall, a duo with Christian Piers, in 2013, releasing three 12″s on ManMakeMusic. Vynehall stamped his mark on the AUS roster with his rough and ready ‘Brother/Sister’ EP in 2013. The year 2014 was Vynehall’s biggest yet, highlighted by the release of debut full-length Music for the Uninvited on 3024, but 2016 promises to be even bigger, having recently released the critically acclaimed ‘Rojus Designed to Dance’

Leon Vynehall – Kiburu’s

Mood II Swing

Mood II Swing, the legendary production duo of Lem Springsteen and John Ciafone, became one of the most in-demand remixers in the mid-to-late nineties. The duo’s production career began modestly, however. After a failed attempt at R&B, the two turned to house music. Early productions such as Sylvano’s ‘Helpless’ and Wall of Sound’s ‘Critical’ were a step in the right direction, as were releases such as ‘I Need a Bitch’ for Cutting and ‘Searchin’ for Groove On, but it was the duo’s remixes of Ultra Naté’s ‘Free’ for Strictly Rhythm that struck gold.

The song became a huge hit and soon Mood II Swing was remixing big-name producers like BT (‘Remember’) and King Britt (‘The Reason’) as well as the next Ultra Naté single, ‘Found a Cure’, which also became a huge hit record around the world. Then, as a testament to the duo’s success, the New York-based Nervous label dug up some old, forgotten productions by the duo and released them as Mood II Swing’s Nervous Tracks. Earlier this year Strictly Rhythm released the life spanning career compilation ´Strictly´ Mood II Swing´.

Mood II Swing and John Ciafone – Do it your way

Tickets and more information

For more information about Lentekabinet festival and tickets visit the Lentekabinet website.

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