New club Magistrat opens in the Hague

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This coming weekend a new club will open its doors in The Hague aimed at reviving the city’s nightlife. Club Magistrat is keen on giving the third largest city of Holland back its clubbing pride.

Over the last decade The Hague hasn´t exactly been spoiled with dance music clubs, despite a bustling inner city with a lively music scene that harks back to the sixties, hundreds of renowned bars, a couple of quality venues and prestigious events like State X New Forms, TodaysArt and Rewire Festival. Promotor Frank van den Bold wants to change that with his new club Magistrat. Situated in a majestic century-old building in one of the coziest streets of The Hague, Magistrat houses two large dancefloors and a smaller chillout room. Van Den Bold: ‘Over the last years we’ve had very nice events in clubs and locations like Paard van Troje, Rootz, Pip and Hoop, but not on a regular basis. It’s also uncertain what’s going to happen in Scheveningen next year after this year’s beach club closings. People want to go out all year round and that wasn’t really possible in The Hague. Well, now it is.’

Last summer several beach clubs in Scheveningen were closed after drug raids, making it tougher for local promotors like Van Den Bold to organise their events, but the Magistrat owner does not necessarily agree with people calling the current atmosphere in The Hague club-unfriendly. ‘At the beach dealers were spotted, followed and arrested in clubs that weren’t frisking people at that time. We have a 100% security policy and a strong cooperation with law enforcement to make sure dealers won’t get a chance in Magistrat. It’s just a matter of being strict on that subject’.

The century-old building that houses Magistrat is situated in one of the nicest little streets of The Hague, with plenty of lunchrooms, bars and restaurants nearby. ‘Our backdoor neighbours are a gay bar, a karaoke place and infamous cafe De Pater, so that’s great stuff. We also feel the timing couldn’t be better to open a club. The Hague is becoming more and more of an international city with lots of people cruising the streets looking to go out during the evening. The atmosphere has become more enthusiastic and people have started to feel proud of their city again. There’s also talk of more extensive nightlife licenses for Pip and Hoop. That would of course be a really good thing for the city. Let’s hope we can all work together to make the city proud.’

The Magistrat crew is now putting the final touches on the club that opens this weekend. ‘The location has been completely rebuild for sound silencing purposes and for better traffic. We’ve been redecorating the place and we’ve spent a lot of time testing the sound system, which is really good. We’re not pushing any limits in the red sectors yet. We also have lots of plans for the future, but all in good time. Let’s get the club open first.’

The official opening will take place on thursday october 30 with Sluwe Vos, Man With No Shadow, Mike Ravelli and Prunk.

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