Watch Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann bring the heat to Weather Festival

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Last weekend Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann both played strong three hour sets at the Parisian Weather Festival. You can now see the full sets at Arte TV. Watch Klock stomp the hell out of tracks by Jeroen Search, Drexciya, Reeko, Mark Broom, Dorisburg and LA Williams to a frenzied Paris crowd.

The French-German TV network also offers beautifully crafted live documentaries of the sets played by Josh Wink, Matthew Herbert, Karenn, Ben Vedren and Adventice, along with the concert registration of the Weather performance by Derrick May and Francesco Tristano with the Lamoureux Orchestra. On the site you can also find the full three hours of the set Laurent Garnier played at Weather Winter in February.

Check out the Ben Klock doc here. Fot the full Marcel Dettmann set, head over here. Check out all other Weather Festival live registrations here.

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