ZeeZout Festival on the 5th of September

Four years ago ZeeZout started as a gathering of friends on the beach in Scheveningen with a line-up consisting of friends spinning records. Now, four your later, Stijn Ceelen and Glenn Schonewille organize festivals such as Ohm, Hollandsch Glorie and Het Alternatief and various club nights in venues such as Chicago Social Club, Tivoli VredenBurg, Perron and The Undercurrent.

This summer sees a new chapter in the ZeeZout story: hosting a stage at the Dimensions Festival in Croatia and at Buiten Westen in Amsterdam last July and last but definitely not least organizing their own festival on the 5th of September in Amsterdam.

The initial idea of bringing friends together to enjoy a mutual passion is still at the heart of the ZeeZout philosophy. Although the events attract a significantly larger amount of visitors, the atmosphere on their events still breathes a realm of intimacy. Stijn and Glenn always try to book artists with a true passion for the art of DJing and surprise visitors with new and unknown names.

The first ZeeZout festival will take place at the Diemerbos with three separate areas. ZeeZout focuses on disco, house, and acid and makes an effort to once again create that intimate setting the boys are known for. With a nicely balanced mixed of well-known and upcoming talented artists, this is one festival not to miss. We like to highlight some of the artists on the festival.


Prosumer is one of those artists we deeply admire, both for his musical endeavors as for his approach towards music. Electronic Beats featured Prosumer in their Slices series and Prosumer opened up in the short documentary on several interesting topics. Achim Brandenburg, who performs under the Prosumer moniker, talked about some of the tougher aspects of his life and career as a DJ, a depression he suffered from and in general his relation, view and approach towards music. We were genuinely fascinated by this feature because Achim was so brave to open up about some topics that most people won’t discuss openly.

Prosumer comes from Saarbruecken, used to live in Berlin and is now based in Edinburgh. He loves house music, produces a record from time to time and likes to share the music he loves.

“Music always has been immensely important in my life, it was my escapism when I didn’t want to deal with life or couldn’t. Sometimes it is also easier for me to express feelings through music.”

Marquis Hawkes

Marquis Hawkes is not defined by the fact that he is infrequently interviewed and even more rarely photographed. This is not the result of a desire to engineer intrigue or mystique, but is the consequence of his desire to be judged as an artist solely by his musical output, rather than his words or pictures.

To date, that has resulted in a string of house-oriented 12″s for labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Clone and Crème Organization, taking in everything from soulful vocal cut-ups to jacking drum-machine jams. His DJ sets have won over fans far and wide with their all-encompassing yet coherent nature with his standout performances at The Zoo Project, Ibiza and Dimensions Festival in Croatia being particular highlights of the last year.

Marquis Hawkes has now signed to the Fabric affiliated imprint Houndstooth, his ‘Fifty Fathoms Deep’ EP dropped late in September 2014, to widespread DJ and radio support and his lauded follow up ‘Raw Materials’ came out in may 2015. These releases mark the start of a long term relationship with the London based label.

Palmbomen II Live

Between moving from Berlin to Los Angeles, Kai Hugo spent the summer of 2013 in Holland, and made an album for his new project Palmbomen II. This album was released on Beats In Space records on march 3rd 2015.

Influences for Palmbomen II are Chicago records from artists like Jamal Moss and Steve Poindexter combined with European electronic artists such as Alexander Robotnick and Philippe Laurent. Hugo decided he wanted to have the same work ethics as the artists he was listening to. He concluded that the spontaneity and roughness of these songs are a results of the nonexistence of ‘total recall’ in the way people were forced to work in those times.

Hugo re-watched X-Files heavily around that same time and tried to capture that atmosphere on this record. Together with his collection of eighties and nineties relaxation cassettes with themes like ‘Tropical Paradise’, ‘Babbling Brook’ and ‘Hidden Lake’. Another influence on this record is the limited set up used: an Oberheim DX, Roland TR909, TR808, Korg M1, Korg Wavestation and some other synthesizers from around that same time.

The live setup for this show is ‘hardware only’, and is full of self-modified machines, combined with homebuilt electronics to control lights, in order to create a complete atmosphere. At the same time the setup is small and light enough to transport, even by plane.


Pascal Pinkert aka Dollkraut is a unique specimen in today’s world of clean and sterile music production. The Dutch producer is best described as an analogue sound wizard with a golden touch for pop moments. His music often sounds like a past that was more beautiful, more broken and more glimmering than it actually was. Dollkraut dares to sound like no one else, cinematic and glamorous, rough and haunting. His tracks are driven by a deep love for old lo-fi fuelled recordings, 70’s space age synths and John Barry or Ennio Morricone fuzziness galore.

He has released two EPs on The Gym’s predecessor and sister label Doppelschall, from which the song ‘Loot’ was a massively charted deep house hit in 2010. But for those who are not familiar with Dollkraut, it should be pointed out that most of his songs can’t be labelled as house music. Forget style talk, it’s all about his unique sound and feeling that’s both nostalgic and futuristic.

For more information and tickets for ZeeZout festival visit the ZeeZout website.

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