The Secret Chamber Of Dreams; Remy Unger

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The Secret Chamber Of Dreams is a new series on wherein photographer Michel Mees captures artists in the environment they spend most of their time between the heavy and demanding weekends. A place where they create new tracks, stock their huge piles of vinyl, relax and prepare for upcoming gigs. Michel tries to capture these intimate surroundings and find out more about these rooms. In the third edition of The Secret Chamber Of Dreams Michel visited Remy Unger.

Remy Unger has been one of the driving forces behind the electronic music scene in the Netherlands. With bookings on all continents under his belt, Remy left his mark on the worldwide scene. Recent years have been treating Remy well with high profile gigs like Timewarp NL, A Day At The Park, closing sets at Awakenings and of course his wildly popular residency at the ‘Click’ club nights and festival. His latest venture the ́Fone Audio ́ record label, in collaboration with Patch Park, is taking him back to his roots releasing a unique mix of pumping energetic techno and tech- house.

Where are we currently located?

“In my hutch back home.”

What kind of stuff can we find over here?

“Besides some old coffee stains you can find my computer which I use to create my tracks and laptop over here. Due to the fact that I most of the time create my tracks with my computer I’d like to play around with some of my analog gear every now and then.  At the moment I’m using my Juno 106 and the Roland TR 808. I love to work with some old-school knobs instead of using a mouse all the time.”

How often do you spend time here?

“Every day basically, except for Sundays. My ears get their well-deserved rest on Sundays. I usuallyk ick-off in the early morning around 9 am. I’m more creative in the early morning as later on the day.”

Are you on your own most of the times?

“Yeah, most of the time although Perry ‘Patch Park’ regularly pays me a visit and Roland Klinkenberg is stopping by this week as well.”

Could you live without this room?

“Well a laptop takes you a long way nowadays, but I would hate it. Living without my hutch would make me unhappy.”

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