The Secret Chamber Of Dreams; Steve Rachmad

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The Secret Chamber Of Dreams is a new series on wherein photographer Michel Mees captures artists in the environment they spend most of their time between the heavy and demanding weekends. A place where they create new tracks, stock their huge piles of vinyl, relax and prepare for upcoming gigs. Michel tries to capture these intimate surroundings and find out more about these rooms. In the first edition of The Secret Chamber Of Dreams Michel visited Steve Rachmad in Amsterdam.

After more than a quarter of a century involved in electronic music, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Steve Rachmad has been integral to the development of the scene in the Netherlands. Most often associated with Detroit techno, its warm pads, rousing strings and powerful grooves, Steve is the producer, remixer and DJ who among first championed such sounds in his home country. Michel Mees visited Steve in Amsterdam.

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Where are we currently located?

“In my hutch, as I like to name it.”

What kind of stuff can we find over here?

“Equipment and records”

How often do you spend time here?

“As much as possible between all the travelling.”


Are you on your own most of the times?

“In most cases yes, although I have some collaborations coming up in the near future.”

Do you have a cool anecdote to share about this room?

“We moved into this place quite recently so it would be an imaginary anecdote, but I’d love to have DāM-FunK on my own night in Studio 80 here in Amsterdam once, obviously he would be invited to have some dinner over here and I secretly hope he would be seduced by one of my devices in the studio to start a spontaneous jam session.”


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Michel Mees

Michel Mees is a photographer specialising in music and portrait photography. He shoots editorial, advertising and corporate assignments. Michel is a self-confessed music fanatic who, over the course of a career spanning almost twenty years, has amassed an incredible portfolio in which he captures the essence of countless illustrious and iconic names. Michel Mees (1969) is undoubtedly one of Holland’s more prolific music and portrait photographers.