Pure dedication and passion for music; an interview with Prosumer

Pure dedication and passion for music; an interview with Prosumer

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Prosumer is one of those artists we deeply admire, both for his musical endeavors as for his approach towards music. Electronic Beats featured Prosumer in their Slices series last year in April and Prosumer opened up in the short documentary about several interesting topics. Achim Brandenburg, who performs under his Prosumer moniker, talked about some of the tougher aspects of the life and career as a DJ, a depression he suffered from and in general his relation, view and approach towards music. We were genuine fascinated by this feature because Achim was so brave to open up about some topics that most people won’t discuss openly. So when we had the chance to ask some questions to Prosumer we were quite happy we had the opportunity to find out more about this interesting personality and skilled artist.

To start with, how’s life at the moment, what keeps you busy or is on your mind?

“At this time of the year I look back like most people on what has been going on in the last months. The last year has been a really busy one, some great things happened, some things need some improvement. I always take January off, so there is time for relaxation and coming down.”

You moved from Berlin to Edinburgh, what was the reason and motivation to move to another country and city?

“I lived in Berlin for the last 15 years and I started to feel that it was time to move on for me. I am not getting any younger, and I realized that I need more and more time to find a balance around the weekends. Berlin was not really helping me on this point, so it was good to change the scenery. I want to be close to the sea and somewhere more quiet.”

What does Edinburgh offer you?

“First and foremost, Edinburgh offers a calm, grounded approach to life. People are relaxed and happy here and not too busy with trends. Edinburgh has good movie theatres, galleries and a stunning scenery and amazing nature surrounding it. It’s a perfect place for me to calm down after the weekends.”

The life and career as a DJ is something many desire or try to achieve. ‘A glorious lifestyle full of continuous highlights’. Is it hard to create a balance between weekends and ‘ordinary’ everyday life’? How important is this balance for you and what does it take to achieve it?

“I think it’s quite hard. When you are constantly working in an environment where you are surrounded by people who want to forget about their everyday lives it will present you with the reality that it’s not a sustainable way of live.”

“Life cannot be about dancing, drinking and partying all the time. Personally I think chasing the all time high or continuous highlights will leave you very exhausted and unhappy. You need the quieter moments to enjoy the louder ones and the other way around. I think without that, you are bound to go crazy.”

In the Electronic Beats Slices feature, which was very interesting and inspiring, you opened up about difficult periods in your life when you suffered from depressions. We’re interested to hear what role music played in that period?

“Music always has been immensely important in my life, it was my escapism when I didn’t want to deal with life or couldn’t. Sometimes it is also easier for me to express feelings through music. My track ‘The Craze’ is a good example, I wrote it at a time when I was feeling really depressed and isolated. “Join me on the dancefloor, won’t you dance with me?” clearly was a way of reaching out to break that isolation. Hoping for better times, I think that’s what music often helps us with.”

Electronic Beats Slices with Prosumer

How would you describe the feeling of tracking down a vinyl record, that’s been on your wish list for a long while?

“It is a feeling of deep satisfaction and happiness paired with a gratefulness that this record has been sitting there waiting for me.”

Can you name your three favorite record shops,besides Hardwax, worldwide, and tell us why they are your favorites?

“I think the secret behind a great record shop is always the same reason: someone being passionate about what they are doing. The list of favorites is long, picking three is not possible, they all are top for different reasons.”

Music is always related to emotions and certain tracks remind people to a specific period in their life or emotion. We know it’s a tough question, but if we ask you which tracks you link to the following four emotions, what tracks would that be for a happy emotion, a party vibe, annoyed and introvert?

“A very happy moment last year was dancing to Mr. Scruff’s set at the Dimensions festival at the beach, when he played the version of ‘Love is Universal’ by Johnny Osbourne, it was pure joy, and I didn’t want it to end. For a party vibe I would pick, ‘I’ll house you’ by the Jungle Brothers, I guess I don’t need to explain why when you listen to it!  If I’m annoyed, I will choose a quiet one which brings me down, so for these two, I’d pick Brian Eno’s ‘Discreet Music’, it has a very calming effect on me.”

Johnny Osbourne – Love Is Universal

You are an artist, who has the capability to create an emotional vibe in your sets and transfer these emotions to the crowd. You also invest a lot of preparation, time and energy in your sets. Is the emotion in your DJ sets a result of the time and energy you invest?

“I guess the emotion in a DJ set arises through pure dedication to music. Music is your passion and is with you all the time. When you are serious about it, it means the world to you. And you put yourself into the music you play, not over thinking it, but being true.”

Several sources informed us that you are blessed with some outstanding kitchen skills, any recipes you like to share to our readers?

“One of my favorites at the moment is a kind of hollandaise. I infuse white wine with fresh herbs to add to the butter and yolk when whisking it up. Great when served with potatoes.”

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