Little Globe Records: Appointing music by the feeling

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Willem van der Ploeg, the founder of the Little Globe Records imprint, is definitely not a big fan of pigeonholing. Willem has been working his ass off the last couple of years to establish his own imprint named Little Globe Records. A record label that appoints music by the feeling and not by its name and genre. Something we applaud as the everlasting discussion about genres is far from beneficial.

Besides the hours Willem invests in his own record label he plays on a weekly base under his Cursed P moniker. The Little Globe Records imprint received some well-deserved support last year and released its seventh release at the end of 2013 named ‘Skilled EP’. We sat down to have a chat with Willem about the label, the artists that released their tracks on the label and Willem also recorded a special mix.

When did you start the Little Globe Records imprint and what was your motivation to start the label?

“I started Little Globe Records in 2011, as an outlet of my musical taste. Many people didn’t understand what I was doing, so me getting the label from a friend was a great opportunity to express myself.”

What’s your aim with the imprint and what direction are you currently heading for?

“At the moment Little Globe Records is heading for a rougher and deeper sound. I always had a beautiful romance with weird stuff, so I’m going to express that love. More electronics, more techno.”

“Since day one the label has been supporting upcoming artists. And it still does. My aim is to push talented producers into the spotlight.”

Cursed PThe label is pretty broad positioned based on the releases we encountered lately, which vary from electro to techno. Is it a conscious decision to offer multiple genres to listeners?

“Yes it is. I founded the label to push the music that I would play as a DJ, which are tracks originating from multiple genres. These tracks combined form a whole, what could be described as a mixture of house and techno.”

What are your goals for 2014?

“To experiment with a wider range of sounds and to produce more music. I’m currently working very hard to finish a remix for The Benelux and to fine-tune the concepts for my own tracks. For Little Globe Records my goal is to continue the strong releases we had in 2013. Throughout the year the artists on Little Globe Records received support from Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Groove Armada and many other personal idols. I’m working hard to get even more attention for the upcoming releases.”

It’s pretty clear the label has a unique approach towards the music they release, but what about the artists? We asked Willem to introduce us to the Little Globe Records roster and how Willem encountered these talented producers.

Guessbeats & Kidmalone

“These two guys came by on Soundcloud and their productions immediately grabbed my attention. I think I’m not the only one, because they recently won the remix contest of Tiga and Audion’sLet’s go dancing’, which included their remix to be released on the almighty Turbo Recordings. They are also behind the Crossovers parties in Amsterdam and will definitely push their sound further in 2014.”

Vincent Leijen

“Vincent just started his study in music production, but he’s already a rising star. ‘Rosette’ on LGR was his official breakthrough, but the release took a while due to a remixer who sadly never handed over his remix. After months of waiting the best selling record of the label was eventually there. Two months of intense pushing sent the original version to the four corners of the world. This resulted in being included on a compilation album of Armada alongside Tiga and Groove Armada.”


“I once saw a tweet saying: “At first I Thought I was getting porn through Wetransfer, but it turned out to be Amateur – Virgo Intacto and it’s brilliant!” So I started searching for his music. The guy makes acid combined with 707, 808 and 909 sounds; we got a winner. The Virgo Intacto EP was something completely different, but is still one of my favorites. After the EP he remixed ‘Rosette’, made a track with me and helped me mixing down a track of my own. The guy is gold.”


“Actually not much is known about this boy besides the fact that he’s making dark and deep underground house music. Searching on Soundcloud definitely pays off I would say.”


“We circled around the same people but we never met. Then I stumbled upon his music and everything became clear. His unique sound fits LGR like a glove. Old school rave mixed up with house and techno. What can a man possibly want more? He spends lots of hours in his studio, so keep an eye on this talented young man.”

Sin City Status

“Also not much is known about this duo. They just completely nail it production wise. Their heavy bass/house sound driven track  ‘Plastic‘ was an XLR8R Exclusive and their ‘No. 6′ on LGR even got support by Duke Dumont.”


“Thirteen from Arnhem is bass influenced. On his Soundcloud page he openly flirts with different kinds of darker sounds, supplemented by very low frequencies. He sent me a house-influenced track that he made and I had a great spot for it on LGR’s ‘The Skilled’ EP.”

For more information about the Little Gobe Records imprint visit the LGR website.



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