An interview with Kindimmer; heavy sounds and bouncy basslines

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Kindimmer is about to release his latest EP on the recently founded Soulfood imprint. Due to a successful first release on the label from De Sluwe Vos including a bangin’ Montel remix, the expectations for the second release are quite demanding. The Dutch imprint aims at fresh, ballsy house music and above all quality and timeless releases. After listening to the second slice of wax the label is putting out we can confirm that the imprint both matches the high expectations as their own mission.

To celebrate the second EP from Kindimmer with UK producer James Dexter on remix duties, Soulfood organizes an official releaseparty on the 29th of March in Tivoli, Utrecht. The Soulfood crew is also invited to join forces with HIGGS Live on the 28th of March. HIGGS Live is a new upcoming and fast-growing platform which broadcasts their monthly events from an undisclosed location in The Netherlands. Kindimmer and James Dexter will both perform on the Higgs pre-party as the official release party.

Thanasis Voulgaris, better known under his Kindimmer moniker originates from the city of Volos in Greece. In 2009, after a few releases under another alias, he decided to renew his musical persona by giving birth to Kindimmer. Kindimmer strongly focuses on a mixture of techno and deep house. The first results of his new work were out on German labels like Resopal Schallware and Diaphan Music, to name a few.

Drawing inspiration from various musical styles from the leftfield to jazz as well as house and techno. Kindimmer’s influences are clear on his heavy sound and bouncy basslines, having been a fan right at the start of the modern UK electronic music scene.

Nowadays, Kindimmer resides in Berlin where he has recently set up his studio. Following the success of the ‘Shadow and Construction EP’ on Swedish label Local Talk, his sophisticated sound became more and more recognizable. Kindimmer’s carefully selected releases aim on quality over quantity. His debut upcoming release on Claap titled “Workz on dope” is another strong proof of what to expect from this young gun in the near future.

Kindimmer – Moodswing

You are currently a Berlin resident, but you originate from Greece. What is the Greek electronic music scene like and how does it differ to the scene in Berlin?

“It’s quite simple; there’s no scene in Greece, just some individuals (producers, musicians, DJ’s or promoters) who are trying to create one. Berlin is a completely different story of course with a lot of interesting shit happening here.”

“But to be honest I feel that the quality has dropped significantly and especially in the clubs that seem like they’ve become more of a touristic attraction.”

Why did you move to Berlin? Does a move to Berlin significantly increase the chances to succeed as an electronic music producer?

“I don’t believe that Berlin increases your chances to succeed, I personally moved to Berlin because I was looking for more interaction with other producers, it’s easier to travel around Europe and it’s relatively cheap to live here.”

In another interview you said something about music losing its appreciation caused by the modern accessibility to huge amounts of new music we can get our hands on. We found that quite an interesting point of view. Do you feel people in general don’t value music anymore as we did let’s say 10 years ago?

“People will obviously continue to like music forever, but you can listen to music either with the cover of the record in your hands, reading through the notes while full tracks are playing or you can listen to music on YouTube while you’re watching photos of the sushi meal your Facebook friend has posted. Which one ads more value do you think?”

Kindimmer – Faster Then Reality

How would you like to see people treat or adjust their daily music consumption?

At least a 30 minute dose of good music after each meal.

You’re currently gaining more and more awareness and appreciation, but we’re interested to hear about the road that lead to this point in your career. How did you get involved with electronic music?

“Getting lost into music was all I did basically when I was following my education. It was my escape from some dark moments and it still is. Besides walking around with headphones on all the time, I was making my own diy mixers from old electronics, I filled my room with speakers that I was making and I was trying to DJ as much as I could.”

“Drum ‘n Bass and Electronica was my food at that time. Then one day I read somewhere that there was this game or software called ‘Music’ which offered the opportunity to create music on a Playstation. As I didn’t have a computer at that time, the news just blew me away; I got a copy and started working on ‘tracks’ on this shitty device right away. It was actually quite fun and with the skills I had at the time, I don’t think I could do much more anyway.”

Where did the interest or ambition to produce your own music arose from?

“Since I can remember I always wanted to keep my mind in a creative process, everything else just seemed boring after a while.”

The only thing that seemed interesting enough to keep me concentrated more than anything was music so it was basically a necessity that led me to this path.

What was the process to become a valued producer and artist like?

I could share a million stories about bumpy roads and obstacles that I had to face and which I still do, but I don’t like to discourage the younger ones that wish to follow this path as well.  Here’s an anecdote I just made up for you though: what is the phrase you will probably never hear a record label owner saying? “Did you get the royalties report I’ve sent over?”

Most valuable lesson learnt in life?

You have to take a little bit of risk once in a while. A tarmac road is not always the best.

Can you share some background information about the Moodswing EP with us? Did you have any special intentions with the EP, certain emotions that found their way out through this EP?

“The title of the EP says it all… Music for moodswingers!”

You’re playing on the release party on the 29th of March. You played in the Netherlands before right? What was your first gig in The Netherlands like and what can we expect on the 29th?

“Yes I played for the first time in Groningen last February and I had a lot of fun, the people there were nice and I hope it will be the same on the 28th and 29th. You can expect some good music and some sketchy dance moves from the Soulfood crew.”

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Kindimmer is playing on HIGGS Live on the 28th and the Soulfood Official releaseparty on the 29th of March.

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