10 Years Of Einmusik

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Most of you are obviously familiar with Einmusik. He is currently one of the biggest names within several electronic  genres, with both an incredible live set as a huge amount of releases on his name. Besides being a worldwide successful DJ and live act, he manages his own imprint, Einmusika Recordings, which has released a significant number of tracks from international talented artists. Einmusik is playing on Kaleidoscope on the 15th of March in Utrecht and we teamed up with the organization and arranged an interview with this versatile DJ and producer.

His productions are notable for their melodies and groovy beats, and have been released on well-known imprints like Diynamic, Noir Music and Tiger Records. Einmusik is playing his live sets all around the globe, and always gets the crowd moving. Last October, he released a special ‘10-years’ album to celebrate a decade of Einmusik. We asked him some questions about his musical growth, his latest releases and some  developments that are going on in the electronic music scene and much more.

Your first track, ‘Weekender’, has been released under the Einmusik moniker a decade ago, in 2003. In October last year you released a special ‘10-years’ album to celebrate that decade. How did your production style and musical interest develop since 2003?

“Over the years I gained more experience and I learned many new skills and production techniques. Besides that the quality of software is significantly higher than 10 years ago. My production style developed to a very precise workflow, and I still love to learn new things and to discover all the possibilities equipment can offer.”

“My interest in music in general is very high. I love listening to nearly all styles of music. I like independent music and a lot of stuff besides the ‘four to the floor’ genre. In my opinion it’s important to be open-minded and to hear what ‘the other artists’ create.”

Einmusik – 10 Years

The electronic music ‘scene’ has changed a lot since 2003. Especially the so called ‘deep house’ genre has become a major genre nowadays. How do you feel about this growth in popularity and perhaps commercialism?

“Deep House is not a new phenomenon. Major labels always took different house styles like French House or Disco House, and released tracks in these genres to bring it to a broad public.”

“Nowadays, deep house is a very popular style and pretty easy to promote. Sometimes it evolves to become something big, sometimes not. Let’s see what deep house is in 5 years. I think music and markets are always dynamic, and that movement should be generated in these areas.”

You are managing your own label, Einmusika Recordings. What was the reason for you to start your own label, and with whom do you manage it?

“My vision was (and still is) to release my own music fast. Other labels have strict plans, which result in a long wait from the demo submission to the actual release date. In my label, I’m the owner and I can do whatever I want. I like that! Over the years Einmusika has also become an international platform for other great artists. This has always been part of the vision.”

“At the moment I’m running the label with a small team consisting of highly motivated people. First, there is Juliane. She organizes all the bookings with her agency Ledger Line, and helps me to manage the label.”

“Then there is Christian, also DJ and producer. He’s our chef de cuisine and he’s doing the dishes. Just kidding! He is the man for our social media, videos and web related stuff. Last but not least, we’ve got Ben Tauber from Cologne. He is our graphic designer and he is doing a great job.”

In this digital era, running a record label seems easier, thanks to the Internet and especially social media. Due to this development, new record labels are popping up like daisies. What is Einmusika Recordings’ promotion strategy, and how does it try to ‘stand out’?

“Our promotion strategy is a well-kept secret, but in general the key is to release high quality music. It makes no sense to flood the market with releases just to enlarge your catalogue. I promise I will keep going on this way, which is why Einmusika will still exist in 10 more years.”

What are your 2014 plans? Can you tell us something about upcoming releases or artists on the label?

“Sure! Our next release is an album by the Polish mastermind Pysh, called Flying Circus. This young guy is able to bring different styles of electronic music to an outstanding result.”

“Next is the remix album of my ‘10 Years’ album. This release includes remixes from Dirty Doering & Sascha Cawa, Solee, Douglas Greed, David Jach, Arjuna Schiks and Pysh.”

“Later on I will release my long awaited new album. Also a Various Artists Compilation with all our artists and friends is coming up soon. We have a professionally managed schedule. So be aware of what’s coming up.”

Einmusik – 10 Years Remixes

It probably took you many years of hard work to get where you are right now. What inspirational advice would you give to aspiring producers and DJ’s reading this interview?

“First rule: work your ass off!”

“Second rule: be patient. Good things do cost time! And the third rule is: always be interested to learn new things.”

“It is also important to produce a lot but not to release everything. If I make 10 tracks, only 2 or 3 are strong enough to release them. And, last but not least: If you like what you do, others will like it too!”

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Einmusik is playing on Kaleidoscope on the 15th of March in Utrecht. For more information about the event and tickets click here.



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