Fjaak; three talented hardware maestros

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Fjaak; three talented hardware maestros

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a post about Fjaak. Fjaak is a talented triplet originating from Berlin and they released an impressive piece of wax on the Baalsaal records called ‘Mind Games EP’ last September. These three boys are blessed with lots of talent and that’s why we setup an interview to find out more about these youngsters and to introduce Fjaak to you.

Since their establishment in 2009, Fjaak attracted worldwide attention with an alternative and boundary pushing take on classic techno, house and breakbeat. The young Berlin residents are constantly searching for new ways of expressing their unique musical identity. Their music is mostly based on hardware jams capturing both the soul of a one-take recording and the energetic fusion of three individuals.

After early releases such as “Remember Me” and “Mind Games” became underground-hits and were played out from heavyweight DJs to a vast crowd, their bulging schedule turned them into full-time musicians, focusing on music production and international touring. Half a year after their first EP they debuted with their live set at the notorious Berghain as the youngest hardware only act so far.

Fjaak Live

Hi boys, thanks for taking some time out to have a chat with us. To start with, how’s life at the moment, what keeps you boys busy or is on your mind?

“We live together in the studio at the moment, so every day starts and ends with music – we think that’s the way it should be. This year we produced a lot of tracks so stay tuned in 2014.

Fjaak-House-CultHow did you boys met each other and when did you decide to collaborate as Fjaak?

“We are good friends since our childhood. After some solo projects in various genres, we decided to collaborate under a common moniker because we spend so much time together and share a mutual love for techno and house.”

Has it been a hard and tough road towards this point in your musical careers?

“It wasn’t easy to get booked in the beginning because the majority of the promoters prefer to book a DJ with one flight and one hotel room. Fortunately, after the success of our first releases this wasn’t a problem anymore.”

What is ‘Machine Vibes’, your monthly concept all about?

“We love extended vinyl sets and that lead us to start of our own parties; Machine Vibes. The parties are a strictly vinyl only affair and offer a back-to-basics mentality. The next Machine Vibes event is in the City Club in Augsburg on the 28th of December.”

Can you name three not so common artists we definitely should watch out for?

“You should keep an eye on Arttu, The Analogue Cops and Willie Burns, we are big fans of their raw but powerful sound!”

Fjaak interview housecult.comFavorite piece of hardware and why?

“The Nordlead 2x is one of our all-time favorites. We have it since the very beginning, and it always does the job. You can basically get everything out of it.”

A piece of hardware that’s on your wish list and why?

“There are so many different machines we would all love to have; the most desired synthesizer on our wish list is the Cwejman S1 Mk2, a very powerful half modular synthesizer. At the moment, we are also looking for a big analog mixing desk to have more possibilities in the mix down.”

What was your first Berghain gig like?

“It was definitely the most interesting and exciting show during the last year. We worked on a hardware live set for weeks because most of our tracks are new and unreleased. It was such a great moment to see everything turn out the way we planned it, and it sounded amazing on the sound system too.”

Any upcoming releases, cool events or interesting stuff you’re willing to share?

“We are working on lots of new tracks and on a new analog live show including our modular system and some other nice machines. The world premiere of the new live show is on the 21st of December in Sint Petersburg, Russia. We’re also looking forward to other shows in Berlin, Munich, Bonn, London and many more dates that will be confirmed soon.

Fjaak – Walk On

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