Guy Gerber introduces Wisdom Of The Glove at this year’s ADE

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Guy Gerber has always been comfortable as an outlier. From being the rock kid at the rave, to the Israeli DJ on the European club circuit, to the electronic producer with a fetish for live instruments, he tends to skirt the edge of whatever scene he’s in. It’s a position that suits him well – so far it’s led to dozens of lush, melodic records, an ever-evolving live act and his own label, Supplement Facts. This nonconformist attitude, combined with the emotional content of his art, explains how Gerber keeps his audience locked in, be it on record or on stage.

Gerber is visiting Amsterdam during this year’s ADE with his DGTL presents Wisdom of The Glove’ ADE Showcase. ‘Wisdom of The glove’ is a newly introduced concept at Pacha in Ibiza last summer. Wisdom of the Glove guarantees a night full of mysticism; combining DJs and live acts with puppeteers and magicians. We are eager to find out how this concept will work out within the inspiring ADE surroundings. We teamed up with DGTL to arrange an interview wherein we could ask some questions to Guy.

What does ADE represent in your opinion, what does it mean to you and how do you experience the time you spend during ADE?

ADE of course is one of the three or four times a year that the industry meets around the world. Unlike some other events, this is one of the most organized. There is a lot of room for doing business, as well as learning from lectures about electronic music. Amsterdam is a very important city in the history of house music, as well as beautiful. I especially love all the canals and little streets. It is always fun to see my friends in a trippy environment.

Are their perceptible differences between ADE and similar events like Sonar in Barcelona and could you name a few?

As I previously said, I think ADE is definitely the most organized event and the only one that is happening during the winter. While Sonar and WMC are both taking place during the summer, the ADE event is something people really look forward to due to the time of the year. A lot of people that are working in this industry go to the official events where they often exchange business cards. The event is more like a convention rather than a festival. Amsterdam in general is known for their extremely organized festivals, as well as bringing a lot of cheerful people.

1239701_450307768419096_366374076_nLast summer you introduced your night ‘Wisdom of The glove’ in Pacha in Ibiza. What was the motivation to start a club night in Ibiza and to start this concept?

This summer we introduced WOTG. The motivation was to freak people out and make them feel uncomfortable by bringing the most cutting edge artists into the most commercial environment. The only reason I signed on for this is because I love Pacha as a club and I could create a really interesting environment that is different from many other things that are going on. Luckily a lot of artists like Nicolas Jaar, Magda, Four Tet and Matthew Dear, were eager to play and join this experience. For me, after one summer, Wisdom of the Glove became more like a cult then just a party.

One thing that was really important to me was that we managed to preserve the true spirit of the island, which is about freedom. We actually shared a lot of after parties with Paradise, and even though we are in competition, we are still friends who come together for the music, and I think that is what Ibiza is all about.

How did you experience these nights in Ibiza and do you have some special moments from last summer you would like to share?

The most important day was for sure the day when we had Nicolas Jaar in Destino. Afterwards, he continued to play back to back with me in Pacha. This was a groundbreaking day that felt more like a concert than just a party and had 3000 people attending. Besides that, I can remember my after party that my lovely PR girls threw for my birthday. So many DJs came to show support like Seth and Jamie.

I think the best moment was a disco DJ set by DJ Sneak. It was nice to see all of us enjoying and partying together with no ego or competition. Getting the Chromatics and having them to play in Pacha was such a special setup. It turned into a great party. Our greatest night was our closing party that was mind blowing by the amount of people who came and showed support for such an experimental event. It made me very proud of my vision and team.

1236881_439144002868806_1123999756_nIn several interviews,  you emphasized that the Pacha crew supported you in an enthusiastic way, and the crew was genuine convinced of the success of the concept. Did you carry a lot of weight during this summer? What was the general experience of organizing your own concept in Pacha?

Having your own night in Ibiza means you are working 100 percent of the time, from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep. In order to support the night, every Wednesday it was up to me to try and figure out something nice to do for the artists coming to Ibiza. I also had a radio show alongside Bill Patrick that night and then I would go directly to Café Mambo and play a sunset set. Afterwards, I would rush home, change into an unconventional outfit, host a dinner with all the DJs that were playing and then go to the club. I stayed from the beginning of the night to the end of the night.

All of this can be a bit overwhelming, especially for someone who is moody at times. It can be fun, but it is definitely a lot of work. When I started playing, I would have to block out all of the diversions and try to create an atmosphere that I imagined.

Something that is really important to me is to not to recreate my DJ sets. Of course,  there were many tracks that I replayed, but I tried my best to keep it new and fresh. My music is mostly atmospheric. When you become a promoter, it adds another level of pressure until the club gets full.

While I was creating the idea of the Glove in Mexico, I entered a positive era in my life and despite the distress, I was always convinced it was going to be ok. In the end,  I can say it was one of the first years in my career that I really had fun and got to enjoy a creation that I had the privilege to see come to life.

How was your summer in general? Was it an exhausting period and do you need a break, or did you gain a lot of positivity and are you fit and ready for another period of relentless touring?

Of course,  it was exhausting; however, I am always ready for the next big thing. We are taking Wisdom of the Glove out of Ibiza and bringing it to the world. By doing so, I think this shows how many people enjoyed the party as well as the experience. I am definitely ready for more.

536608_10151150325309838_618498435_nYour Fabric compilation was released early May last year. This year you released a free album called Who’s Stalking Who? How do you look back on the process and the final outcome of these two albums?

Both albums were made with the same inspiration; to create a journey rather than a creation of tracks. The compilation is more like a composition. The difference between the two would be that Fabric was made in LA, and I used a lot of instruments and bass. It was more like a band playing and very melodic.

Who’s Stalking Who? was done on the road. I used a lot of samples and beats, so it’s a bit more club inspired. I think both succeed in showing how exactly I was feeling during the time I made them. Last year’s album was a recovery from some emotional drama in my life. This year’s album was more based on after parties in my hotel room with friends celebrating the fact that I’m totally free from any perceptions about the future. Because it was created before the season started, I feel that the album shows what was to come. The fact that it was a free last minute experiment worked out in the end. The music got to reach so many people and that made me satisfied. Yes,  I admit, I am in a very good place in my career, and I like a lot of things that are happening in the moment. It wasn’t always like this.

Any updates or releases on your Supplements Facts label or other projects your willing to share?

This month I am proud to announce we are releasing an amazing EP from my very good friend, tINI. Later on, we have something from Martin Buttrich. Next year, you can expect an album by Chaim, as well as something from Dixon called No Distance. Oh, and I might have something from myself with this famous rapper from NY that no one wants to hear about anymore, but it seems like it is coming back.

What can we expect on the 17th of October?

This is the first Wisdom of the Glove outside of Ibiza. I know a lot of my friends, and I, are trying to bring that magical spirit into Amsterdam. This time, instead of the hilarious decorations at Pacha, we are going to bring more visual concepts. And again a lineup that makes me proud to say I am a part of it.

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For more information and tickets for DGTL presents  Wisdom Of The Glove in Amsterdam on the 17th of October visit the DGTL Facebook page.


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