Soulfood “Pure, raw and uplifting house music”

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It’s always beneficial for our scene to see new labels coming to life, particularly when the motivation behind these new projects, consists of enthusiasm and pure dedication. These two factors; enthusiasm and dedication are the key elements behind a brand-new label from the Netherlands named; Soulfood.

Soulfood is a label concentrated on timeless, quality house music with a raw and sexy twist. The label was recently launched by Paul Boex, who’s mainly known for his activities in the stronger techno genres. As a solo DJ, member of Abstract Division and label owner of Dynamic Reflection, Paul Boex is one of these inspired personalities, who do give a positive input into the scene through his tireless efforts.

Paul has always been a big fan of quality house music and decided to start his own label, one that concentrates on timeless house music. The first release of the label is produced by Robert Vosmijer, AKA De Sluwe Vos, a fast rising star within the Dutch electronic music scene. De Sluwe Vos came up with two impressive tracks, which do give a clear impression of the intentions of this new label.

Montel, a talented producer from the UK created a remix of De Sluwe Vos’s track ‘Vibe Over Money’. Although Montel is gaining fame with every quality release he puts out, he is a ‘new’ artist who’s about to be introduced to the Dutch scene. As the label states; “whether one is a veteran artist or upcoming producer is irrelevant; as long as the music speaks to all, Soulfood will gladly serve as its conduit”.

The label is extremely excited with the first release and with signing De Sluwe Vos as a resident artist for the label. To celebrate the birth of the label and the first release, the crew organized a release party in Tivoli in Utrecht on the 21st of September.

We had a chat with both Paul Boex and De Sluwe Vos about the label and the first release.

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Paul Boex

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Most of us are familiar with your projects within the pounding techno genres, why did you start a label focused on house music?

As most of you probably don’t know, I do have a big affection for house music, particularly for the raw kind of Chicago, UK and 90s house music. This passion has been manifesting itself for years and was getting bigger and broader, at one point I found myself purchasing more house records than techno records. That was the moment I realized that I had to do something with this passion, so I decided to start the label.

Can you tell us more about the motive behind the realization of the label?

The main reason, as just mentioned, is the affection towards the music. Besides my passion for the music, I wanted to create a label that is able to put out quality music, and that offers new talent an opportunity to release their music. Starting a label was the obvious next step for me.

What musical purposes do you have for the musical guideline of the label?

I adore the more raw and ballsy side of house music. Fat grooves, screeching vocals and loads of sexiness, that’s what it’s all about. So this is the kind of sound I’m aiming for with the Soulfood label.

The last couple of years we noticed a significant increase in the amount of releases within the different genres of house music. How do you distinguish the label from others?

I’m not so interested in distinguishing the label within in a certain genre, and I’m not a big fan of pigeonholing. I’d like to invest time and energy into projects that fit my musical ambitions and passion, by making decisions based on my own feelings I’m always motivated and keen to improve.

The releases from the Soulfood label, probably do have a more raw and energetic sound than most (deep) house tunes that have been released the last couple of years. Our tracks could be easily played in both a techno set and a house set. That’s what I like about this sort of music, it’s universal.

Is it feasible, nowadays, to keep releasing music on vinyl? Many labels choose to release music digital only. What’s your opinion about this development?

Soulfood will release music only on vinyl with a limited amount of copies, for now. I believe in the power of good products and a good product will sell itself. I’m always putting a lot of effort into quality, as in the music, the mastering and artwork. We pay a lot of attention to details, which results in a quality product. The limited numbers of vinyl also result in an exclusive release, which many enthusiasts would like to have in their collection.

The digital revolution does have its pro’s and con’s. It’s a shame the number of DJ’s who are mainly using vinyl decreased, but on the other hand, this digital ‘revolution’ has its benefits. I still think the true vinyl junkies will keep collecting their vinyl. Maybe they won’t injure their back by carrying it to their gigs anymore, but still collect it at home for their private collection.

Why did you choose De Sluwe Vos for the First release?

I’ve been a big fan of De Sluwe Vos his sound for a while. I feel like he more or less created his own kind of genre within house music, and puts a personal signature to his music. I felt in love with his aggressive and pounding kicks. Combine this man’s music with a decent sound system and it will certainly destroy the place.

Besides the musical element, I’d like to work with people I feel connected to and I do feel a connection with Robert. We share the same passion for the music, the music keeps us both busy 24 hours a day, we like to talk about music and share our personal favorites. I’m excited with Roberts’ release on the label, and I’m convinced Robert will continue his rising career within the next couple of years.

De Sluwe Vos

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Why did you choose to release your tracks on the Soulfood label? We can imagine you have loads of labels to choose from.

I’ve known Paul for quite some time now. He is that kind of person that I feel absolutely comfortable to share my music with, as I produce a lot of different types of music. Paul provides me, as an artist, with a huge amount of artistic liberty. Soulfood immediately felt as a label which allows and encourages me to navigate between broad musical borders.

Soulfood as a label concentrates on energetic and raw house music. Is it beneficial to have a label which focuses on this particular style of house music and is there a possible lack within this genre?

There’s definitely a lack to this style of music. In the Netherlands, the Tomorrow is now Kid and Slapfunk label release this sort of music, but I would love to see more pounding house music being released.

Personally I feel like certain people classify some 909 samples combined with a 4 bar piano loop as a well-rounded house track. For me, house music is way more than this simple mixture, but it’s always a matter of personal taste.

I have to say I miss the energetic element in most of the house music which is hitting the shelves nowadays. I don’t want to be to negative, the increase in people listening to house music is definitely positive, house music is ‘big’ nowadays, and that’s a great development. But I also feel that Soulfood can offer something extra to the existing scene. Paul and I both love techno, and I do feel like adding some techno elements into house music certainly could be beneficial.

Besides your release on the label, they signed you as a resident artist, and you’re headlining the release party on the 21st of September. What can we expect from you as far as releases in the future?

During last year, I learned to plan while seizing the day and enjoy the actual moments I’m experiencing. I can’t say much about feature releases, as said, I do have the artistic freedom to come up with a widely range of music. I maintain creating stuff I like, and we will see what the future will bring.

You’re one of the rising stars within the Dutch house scene this year, what does 2014 have in store for you?

Thank you for the kind words, I’m excited about the positive progress. We’re scheduling a tour for 2014. I’m working on a live show for two years now which we’d like to present in 2014. We planned 2 or 3 try-outs at the end of this year. The dates will be revealed soon. I can’t give away too much right now, but I’m delighted to see that most of my initial ideas about a live show will come to life, and I can’t wait to present it.

Can you tell us something about the two tracks you produced for the first release? Is there any kind of inspiration or motivation behind the tracks?

I never create my tracks from a certain starting point, most of the time I discover great tunes that contain magnificent elements. I try to experiment and recreate these elements. Usually my tracks arise from these sessions.

I created Vibe Over Money after seeing a Four Tet video wherein he adjusted the pitch of his samples by adjusting the speed of the samples. In a similar way, I created the key element of Vibe Over Money.

Regin is a musical output of suppressed frustrations, but the track doesn’t contain any idea or vision behind it. It arose out of the box.

What can we expect from you in the future?

As said I will introduce my live show, and I will release some new records. An EP on 4Lux and a remix for Made Fresh Daily and some other stuff. I don’t like to schedule too much as I like some sort of controlled chaos. I also believe this working method results in the best musical outcome. I tried to produce some music in my studio after I cleaned the place, it didn’t work out.
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Pictures De Sluwe Vos: Jelmer Gremmen
Picture Paul Boex: Gijs Wensma
Artwork Soulfood: Barbara Michelle Edelman & Mendert Oving

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