Thomas Ragsdale – Dear Araucaria (This Is It Forever)

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It’s one of the most touching ambient EP’s we’ve heard in quite a while: Thomas Ragsdale’s bittersweet ‘Dear Araucaria’ for the This Is It Forever imprint.

Ragsdale’s first ever EP not attached to a film or television project was originally inspired by the passing of Reverend John Graham (aka ‘Araucaria’), The Guardian’s crossword maker who told his followers the news of his condition through clues in his final puzzle shortly before his death in 2013. The EP was shelved to allow work on Ragsdale’s soundtrack album ‘Bait’, but took on a more personal tone after being re-opened later.

‘Dear Araucaria’ was made up entirely of treated guitar and piano recordings and contains five tracks that feature the exact same elements, albeit arranged and treated differently. The result is a beautifully detailed piece of work that balances melancholy, sadness, joy and bliss without surrendering to any of those elements. In short, it’s the perfect companion to the first snow falling outside here.

‘Dear Araucaria’ is out on February first through This Is It Forever.

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