Podcast 54 César Martínez

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Podcast 54 was recorded by Madrilean DJ/producer César Martínez, who went from strength to strength in 2015 recording and remixing for labels like Consumed, Moob, MUT, KD Music and his own CMYK imprint and collaborating with the mighty Kaiserdisco.

As a Madrid resident, can you tell us how the club scene in the Spanish capital is progressing right now? Is it a fun city to live in?

“I’ve been living in Madrid since 2003, and it’s a city that I love and has treated me very well. From the perspective of a clubber, I’m from a small city in Southern Spain where there is no club culture, so I think the scene in Madrid has many good proposals, although I sometimes find it really difficult to hear styles and artists I like. From my perspective as a DJ and producer I think it’s a very hermetic scene. You need to be a top DJ or friend of the promotor to enter the circle, but I know that’s basically the same everywhere. Nevertheless it’s a fun city where there’s a lot going on both culturally and gastronomically, but at the level of clubbing the council has placed many obstacles, making it hard to compete with other European cities with powerful scenes. in my opinion obviously.”

How and when did you get involved in electronic music production?

“My father loves music and always listened to a lot of jazz and blues. He also plays guitar, bass and piano, sparking my interest in music. As for electronic music Andalucia is one of the largest global benchmarks of the international break scene, so when I was 14 years old I bought my first decks and started my ‘career’ as a DJ and clubber.”

What projects are you currently working on?

“Right now I’m making a radio program with Alex Under, called Nada Serio (Nothing Serious), a program where we place great emphasis on the freshness of the time of recording. We’re also still working on our CMYK label. On the other hand I am now preparing a new AKA, changing my style to 120 bpm techno and minimalist dub more, for which I still have no name.”

Recently you’ve been working with the Kaiserdisco boys a lot. How, when and where did you hook up with those guys?

“A couple of years ago I heard them play at a New Year’s party here in Madrid and to my surprise they played five of my tracks. Days later I received a friend request and a message from Frederic on Facebook, asking me for some demos to release on KD Music. I’m really grateful for the support of these two great artists, especially since they really like my music without any pretension, which today is not always the case, unfortunately.”

What are you up to when you’re not playing or producing music?

“I am an economist, working in an non-governmental organization called ACCEM, working with immigrants and people at risk of social exclusion. We are now one of the three agencies that manage the influx of refugees. Until a couple of years ago I ignored this sector, but today I can really say I like my job and what we do. It sounds corny, but it’s true.”

Can you tell us a bit about the set-up and tracks you used for this podcast?

“I made this podcast with Traktor, vinyl, two Technics turntables and a mixer. As for the tracks I played my deep, minimal techno face. I love this dubby shit.”

What artists are you into at the moment?

“Ron Costa, Alex Under, Kaiserdisco, Matt Sassari, Miguel Bastida, Fer BR, Glenn Astro and Max Graef – super music. I’m now listening to Noisia Radio, so it’s difficult to concentrate. And Phace.”

Any talents we should look out for?

“Ahmet Mecnun, Fernando Sanz, Biotech, Medu, Enzo Leep, Robert Guerrero, Vloon, Rhythm Box, Varion and Sloo are creating interesting things.”

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