Exclusive Premiere: Daso & Pawas – Decide (Soulfooled)

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House Cult is proud to present the exclusive premiere of ‘Decide’, taken from the impressive Soulfooled debut by long-standing friends and creative collaborators Daso Franke and Pawas Gupta aka Daso & Pawas. The Indian ex-pat duo once again combine their cool melodic touch and understated rhythmic sensibilities into a highly original and appealing formula.

The three track EP is the latest addition to the already impressive catalogue of Alex Niggemann’s Soulfooled, the imprint that has established itself as a crucial platform for new talent, focused on sonic innovation that is unfailingly fresh and original, with its own distinctive brand of music.

Daso Franke was born in Poona, India and at the age of five was using the dance floor of his father’s disco as a playground, growing up with the music of Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and radio pop. Now living in Berlin, this multi-talented music producer, live act and party machine is one of the most exciting electronic music artists to emerge in recent times. Pawas Gupta’s music and creative drive resonates with his journey from his early days as a DJ in India to becoming an independent producer based in Cologne. From his classical roots in tabla and percussion, to his deep, Detroit-influenced sounds, Pawas has carved his own distinctive niche – a space where melodies, musicianship and atmospheric sounds fuse perfectly.

The understated, menacing darkness of the intro to ‘Decide’ develops seamlessly into an irresistible, sophisticated, bouncing percussive groove with perfectly arranged, deeply delicious, melodic flourishes.

‘No Lead’ is out on January 29 through Soulfooled Records. Get it here.

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