Patrice Bäumel mixes new Balance mix

Patrice Bäumel will mix the next instalment of Balance’s much revered compilation mix series. Bäumel’s mix will be out on April 15 and features tracks by Nils Frahm, DJ Hell, Plastikman, Underworld, M83, Minilogue, Guy J., Max Cooper and El_Txef_A, along with some exclusive new productions by the man himself.

Patrick Bäumel, who has released work on Kompakt, !K7, Get Physical, My Favorite Robot and Systematic, is a master in crafting intricate, often conceptual mixes, frequently weaving in unusual field recordings, found sound and speech samples to add a hypnotic layer of otherworldliness to the proceedings. He joins the likes of Guy J, Kölsch, Fur Coat and Jozif in the series of one-disc mix compilations, following recent double-disc releases from the Australian curators by Magda and Stacey Pullen.

Bäumel: ‘Rather than blending one record into the next, I wanted to blur the lines between DJ set and production and turn it into a composition in its own right, but I wanted the result to be musical. I want the listener to totally forget about the nuts and bolts and just feel it. It was also really important to me to create something that is built to last, without any regard whatsoever for current trends. That way I knew that I had a lasting relationship with them and not just a brief fling.’

‘I wanted the mix to sound truly like me, show off my trademark sound with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies. I had to really sit down and think about what defines my style. My conclusion was that it’s a mixture of abstract, foreign sounds and super warm, trancey elements. All my music is a dance between these two polar opposites.’

‘I hope for the mix to contain enough intelligence and emotion to be a worthwhile listen under many circumstances. It’s not all easy listening; some parts really have teeth. So by nature, the mix is not – and was never meant to be – for people with a low tolerance for music and sound that is outspoken. I didn’t want to dumb it down. I think it’s a great after-hour home party mix but I hope that it sparks people’s imagination and creativity in all kinds of situations.’

Patrice Bäumel’s Balance Mix is out on April 15 through Balance Music.



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