Pearl River Sound – Kiss My Smiling Face (X-Kalay)

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Two months ago we were blown away by Kask’s Periferia, the debut EP on X-Kalay Records. The newly formed label’s second effort, the heavily acidic ‘Kiss My Smiling Face’ by Roberto Semeraro aka Pearl River Sound, is a sure winner too.

X-Kalay is fast becoming one of our favourite labels, offering deepburnt house vibes on their first EP by up-and-coming Estonian artist Kask and now coming through with an EP worth of vintage analog acid jams.

Opener ‘Acido Arabo’ sets the tone perfectly here with its 1987-style jack track beats and insistent little acid motif. Next up is the rubbery ‘Oberhacid’, another hot Chicago-inspired 303 jam that leaves the ceiling dripping. On ‘Lord of A-A-Acid’ the vintage Chicago sound meets the 1988 sound of London to great effect. ‘Juunglenaation’ was made of an entirely different cloth. It’s a full-on jungle joint that has ‘1992’ written all over it.

‘Kiss My Smiling Face’ is out on April 11 on X-Kalay.

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