Aria Rostami – Agnys (Spring Theory)

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Every once in a while you hear something that deeply moves you. A track, EP or album that speaks to the heart directly. Something so beautiful you know it will stay with you for the rest of your life. Meet ‘Agnys’ by San Francisco-based artist Aria Rostami.

Rostami’s second release for Spring Theory sounds entirely different from his first effort for the label, 2014’s ‘Czarat’, that had a distinct Persian flavour weaved into two nervous IDM tracks. ‘Agnys’ is a timeless and intuitive deep house affair with beautiful bittersweet undertones.

Opener ‘Clepsydra’ brought tears to our eyes and immediately made us drop everything we were doing simultaneously in some kind of magical moment when we first heard it. A deeply emotive house track that sounds strangely familiar, but like nothing we’ve ever heard before. ‘Seven – Segments’ is beautiful too – it’s the sound of the sun rising majestically after a perfect night out. ‘A Square Tablet Strewn With Dust’ completes Rostami’s breathtaking A-side trilogy in style.

On the B-side of this stunning mini-album Rostami turns inwards with three slow, introverted jams. Deep mood music for when everything’s said and done.

‘Agnys’ is out on March 10 through Spring Theory.

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