4 X 4: Personal picks by Andre Kronert

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Odd Even head honcho Andre Kronert is one of the strongest DJ/producers out there right now, carefully balancing his love for warm analogue sounds with a passion for relentless and dark techno in clubs all over the world. For House Cult he breaks down some of the music that moves him.

1. An album that reminds you of your childhood:

Jean Michel Jarre – Music Aus Zeit Und Raum (Polydor 1983)

“My parents played this one up and down and it took me deep into electronic music. I’m still impressed by it and its amazing quality. Still have this original vinyl.”

2. A track you produced that means a lot to you:

Andre Kronert – Into The Zone (Stockholm Limited 2014)

“It’s a very special tune for me, made in a very special moment with a very simple message. ‘Into the Zone’ means to forget everything around you – dance, feel, listen, no matter where you are or who is around. Just being yourself. The tune is very simple but in the right moment there is almost nothing better for me to explain the vibe of a party and to connect with the people.”

3. The last track you heard today:

Spacetime Continuum – Pod (Reflective 1996)

“I just heard it in the car while driving through the city on a rainy morning. The album is from 1996 and I cant stop listening to it. It’s such a nice journey between Detroit, Berlin and the rest of the world made with modulars and real instruments.

4. Worst musical guilty pleasure:

“I have no musical guilty pleasures. If I like something I stand by it.”

5. A Record that never leaves your record box:

DBX – Losing Control (Accelerate/Peacefrog 1994)

“The bass, the vocal, everything. I can’t stop listening to it and play it in the right moment. It’s such a minimal monster with a simple message: get lost in the moment.”

6. A DJ from a different musical territory you admire:

“That’s a difficult question. I’m not so deep into other musical territories of other DJs, but I’d have to say my close friend Brock Van Wey aka Bvdub. His sense for music is amazing and the feelings he transfers are unbelievably deep and honest.”

7. A track that you would use as an alarm clock:

Aux 88 – Phantom Power (Direct Beat 1995)

“I actually use this one and it’s amazing for waking up in the morning, the eve or at night before I go to a gig. The track is from 1995 and a huge masterpiece in my opinion.”

8. A set you really enjoyed recently:

SeekSickSound Podcast 134 by Klara Lewis

“It’s not that new but I love it. It’s such a nice mix with an amazing choice of tunes. Something far away from the 4×4 podcasts.”

9. A DJ you’d like to have as your wedding DJ:

“Definitely Pär Grindvik. He has such a great musical taste and he’s a close friend. It’s important to be friends with the wedding DJ, cause no one knows what he and all will see on this unique night.”

10. Your ultimate chillout album:

Bvdub – I’ll Only Break Your Heart (Darla 2014)

“This one is epic besides all his other releases. All tracks are adventures into open spaces. The textures, sounds, feelings. For me there is no better ambient or peaceful music on this planet. Bvdub always touches me and meets my taste, soul and nerves. Always!”

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‘Diffused Light Volume 1’ is out now on Odd Even Records, featuring contributions by Pär Grindvik, NX1, A&S, The Persuader and Kronert himself. Check it out here.

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