4 X 4: Personal picks by Oliver Deutschmann

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Vidab Records co-owner Oliver Deutschmann is one of the most highly regarded DJ’s and producers in the world right now. Since releasing his debut album ‘Out of the Dark’ in 2013 the Berlin resident has recorded a string of monster tunes on labels like Falkplatz, Addicted, LDNWHT and Etruria Beat, while steadily rocking clubs and festivals all over the world. House Cult regular Yotam Avni asked him to break down some of the music that moves him.

1. An album that reminds you of your childhood:

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (Harvest/EMI 1975)

“There are a lot of albums that remind me of it as I was always surrounded by music through my parents and my uncles and aunts like Abba, The Stones, The Who, The Bee Gees, The Beatles and so on. But the one that reminds me the most is this here. My uncle was always listening to it. He is just 10 years older than me and I used to hang out in his room when I was 5 or 6 years old. I remember looking at all the cover artwork of his records and this is the one that stuck in my mind, beside the music of course.”

2. A track you produced that means a lot to you or has a unique story to it:

Gowentgone – Wolfsburg (Vidab 2007)

“They all have unique stories to them, so it´s hard to pick one out. We (Stephan Hill and me) sent this track to some labels back in 2006. No one wanted to release it. One label was close to releasing it but they fucked it up at the last moment. It made us so angry that we decided to launch our own label and so we ended up sending this track and a few others to Kompakt to ask them for distribution. Michael Mayer loved this one so much he decided to distribute us.”

So thanks to all the fuckers who didn’t give us the chance to release our record. Without you we would never have founded our own label and without you we wouldn’t have found the great distributor that is Kompakt.

3. The last track you heard today:

Depeche Mode – People Are People (Mute 1984)

4. Worst musical guilty pleasure:

Petter Maffay – Und Es War Sommer (Telefunken 1976)

“Maybe not a real guilty pleasure, but definitely far away from what I listen to normally. He is a famous singer/songwriter here in Germany and a really cool guy. I kinda like it. It also reminds me of my childhood. My mother listened to him all the time.”

5. A record that never leaves your record box:

Robert Hood – Bells at Dusk (M-Plant 2011)

“This one from Robert Hood. He is the grandmaster of techno for me. No one is funkier and deeper.”

6. A DJ from a different musical territory you admire:

“To be honest I don’t know any Djs from other territories, but a Dj who really blew my mind when I saw him last time is Ron Albrecht.”

7. A track that you would use as an alarm clock:

KRS One – Sound of da Police (Jive 1993)

“To wake up in the morning I would use ‘Sound of da Police’ by KRS One. I love the whole album this track is on. It’s produced so well and full of great samples, basslines and ideas. Whoop whoop!”

Eek-A-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling (Volcano 1981)

“For waking up after a nice little nap in the afternoon I would prefer this one. I remember smoking a lot of weed to this one on lazy afternoons.”

8. A set you really enjoyed recently:

“This one from Vincent Neumann:”


9. A DJ you’d like to have as your wedding DJ:

“Definitely no techno DJ. He should play the coolest tracks from the sixties til today! The cool stuff. You know what I mean.”

10. Your ultimate chillout album:

Cat Stevens – Very Best Of (Island 1990)

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 Oliver Deutschmann picture by Daddy’s Got Sweets.

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Yotam Avni

Mostly known for his DJing and Music Productions for Robsoul, Yourba and Transmat, Yotam Avni is no stranger to most DJ's. By the age of 25 he already produced records with some of the greatest names in electronic music history such as Osunlade, Terrence Parker, Jovonn and Charles Webster. In Israel, where most of his Journalist work is based, he's known for his long opinionated articles about the orgins of electronic music and the importance of Detroit to him and the rest of the world.