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With the echoes of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event still ringing in our ears, this time around we are here to take you on a voyage of a different kind. Sometimes when you’re on the path of music discovery, you get helplessly lost. You know where you started, but you had no idea that the road you were on would lead onto this highway of heartwarming sounds. Familiar feeling?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the question above: congratulations! You know the belly tingling feeling you get when you thought you felt lost, yet suddenly… You are found.

1382285_632738196766354_1964621040_nWhile in our introductory article we mainly focused on the subject of new releases by artists some of you already know and love, we are planning to deviate a little bit from that formula. True, our hunger for the fresh and the new is never-ending. This is because each and every day new artists arise, releasing tracks that for some reason feel so on point and righteous. So what if we were to sit down and take a look at the labels releasing these remarkable sounds? Will we see a pattern? Will it reveal what the future of house music will look like?

Let’s face the fact, in this matter we can all agree on one thing: by studying the old you are bound to stumble upon components of the new. But what is it with these brave young labels that represent artists truly dedicated to marrying existing genres and therefore producing innovative sounds?

Yes, there is certainly something quite endearing in the way these labels we selected for you push the development of house music. Scroll down to find out what the future might have in store for you.

Symbols Recordings

Or as they put it: the feeling is the genre. Symbols is a record label established by San Francisco based producer Kastle. The focus lies on forward-thinking house music. The label is known for releasing tracks that blend house, UK garage, R&B and Chicago house into a dazzling new entity.

Kastle performed at ADE this year at Plafonddienst in the Sugar Factory with label mate Liar and Tourist (more on him coming up).

Notable artists: Kastle, Rain City Riot, Klaves, Walter Ego

Method Records

An imprint by Disclosure launched in August 2013, with releases ranging from UK garage to tracks exposing a modern take on UK’s iconic rave sound. The label’s first release was The Renegade by Friend Within. A heavy-hitting rework of Wildchild’s ’95 hit “The Renegade Master”. In the meantime they also released “J.A.W.S.” by Lxury, a well-received EP co-produced with Disclosure.

Upcoming release on December 2nd is Tourist’s gorgeously dreamy EP “Patterns”. Tourist is an artist we’re quite excited about, definitely one to keep an eye on.

Notable artists: Friend Within, Lxury, Tourist

Pets Recordings

Pets Recordings is a new label by Polish duo Catz’n Dogz. The main idea is to promote Polish artists and quality house music. They put out excellent releases, ranging from dreamy tunes with a Balearic feel to beefy, jacking house jams.

Pets Recordings is also the home of Catz Eat Dogz, a project of Catz’n Dogz with the all-round amazing Eats Everything.

Notable artists: Catz’n Dogz, Catz Eat Dogz, Eats Everything, Maribou State & Pedestrian

Amadeus Recordings

A label like no other. In their own words, they are “dedicated to the freedoms of expression, the delicacies held above genre stereotypes, and the overall pursuit of unorthodoxy”. We catch their drift. In short, Amadeus records releases subtly glorious tracks. This is a label that doesn’t need to compete with others as there are none in its league.

Their releases have gained supported from Bicep, Amine Edge, Terrence Pearce, Jacques Renault and Sidney Charles, among others. As a cherry on top, Cassio Kohl’s “Broken” will be featured in Breach’s DJ Kicks compilation coming out this November.

Notable artists: Chaos in The CBD, Breslin & Sizlak, Cassio Kohl

Purp & Soul

Purp & Soul is an upcoming UK record label consisting of a core group of madly talented artists. Known for their “distinctly UK sound”, Purp & Soul certainly doesn’t want to be tied down to one genre. Also, this young label is being run by the marvelous producer Ben Pearce & his partner Gemma Roberts.

Most recent release is “Demons” by Shoot The Ghost, featuring the soaring vocals of Jazz singer Kat Kyrris. Simply enchanting stuff. No wonder this label has been dubbed “one of the UKs brightest agencies and new labels” by DMC World.

Notable artists: Shoot The Ghost, Real Connoisseur, Danny Daze

It is true that most of these labels are aiming at producing music for the dance floor. And yes, we do suggest you listen to each and every track that they have released until now, as this is wholesome, quality house music. But don’t feel restrained by the notable artists we included, and do take on the task of getting to know the other artists releasing on the labels.

Just take a seat and make yourself comfortable, or better yet: just stay in for the day. Because we can’t promise that you won’t get lost in the sounds. True, we couldn’t possibly include all the exciting labels that make our bellies tingle. But hopefully we provided you with a decent starting point to go on a journey of your own. Till next time!

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