Anja Schneider – Circle Culture (Mobilee)

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We were really quite charmed by ‘Jimmy‘, Anja Schneider’s previous record on her own Mobilee imprint. Anja’s new record almost killed us.

A few weeks ago we were ploughing through an enormous pile of new promos here at House Cult. As usual, some of them were nice, some of them were average, some were not worth mentioning here and some were really really good. We were almost at the bottom of the pile when Anja Schneider ’s new ‘Circle Culture’ EP came on. We all listened to what later turned out to be the B-side in complete silence for a good ten minutes (note: we usually skip through most of the new releases) until someone finally said ‘hell yeah’. That’s how good it is.

The highly hypnotic title track is great too, as it turns out. It’s a groovy and steady builder that’s gradually taken over by an insistent little melody line, warm pads and dark orchestration. The track gets a peaktime techno make-over by Konstantin Sibold and Leif Müller that’s dominated by an oversized bass drum, a great vocal sample and some seriously banging percussion.

The Detroit-inspired ‘The Squaring’ starts on a rather sparse and understated note and slowly creeps its way into your subconsciousness. A tense, minimalist, slowly rotating and haunting ten minute workout that blew us away completely. Five star material. One for the year lists.

‘Circle Culture’ is out now on Mobilee Records.

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