Aphex Twin shares two new versions of Avril 14th

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Aphex Twin has just dropped to new versions of his much loved ‘Avril 14th’ track on his Soundcloud page, including what may well be the prettiest version so far.

‘Avril 14th’ is one of Aphex Twin’s most well-known songs, partly because the delicate piano piece was sampled by Kanye West on ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”s ‘Blame Game’ – a track AFX wasn’t too crazy about. The ‘Reversed Music Not Audio’ version that was posted on his infamous User18081971 account last night is breathtakingly beautiful.

Other new AFX works include the doomy ‘Th1 [evnslower]’ and two new versions of the sweeping synth workout ‘4 Voice Solo’. Last month he dared his soundcloud followers to post ‘Uchoob trax links (your fave music or other really interesting music), but not just any old crap’ here.

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