Apollo readies Mr. YT compilation

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Apollo and R&S are now in the final stages of compiling an album worth of classic material taken from a series of hard to find nineties EPs by overlooked Japanese innovator and game music maestro Yuji Takenouchi aka Mr. YT.

The ‘Brand New Day’, ‘Southern Paradise’ and ‘Parfum’ EPs were originally released in 1997 and 1998 on Apollo Records and R&S sublabels Generations and Global Cuts. Over the intervening years, Mr. YT’s heady blend of atmospheric pressure, balmy pads and deep grooves has percolated, gathering fans across the globe to the point where original copies are in now high demand on Discogs.

Created in the late nineties on a hardware setup of Roland Super Jupiter, Roland JV1080, Roland D550, Yamaha TX81Z and Akai S1100, Takenouchi was burning with inspiration from the sounds of Ron Trent and Chez Damier, Basic Channel, House of 909, Ian Pooley and Carl Craig.

A video game musician by profession, Takenouchi was used to producing music for specific scenes and sequences – starting from scratch had him baffled. Deciding to set a theme or concept for each EP proved to be the breakthrough he needed; a new environment for ‘Brand New Day’, yin and yang for ‘Southern Paradise’ and imaginary fragrances for ‘Parfum’.

From the sun dappled balearic haze of opener ‘Morning’ to the blissed out bump of ‘Afternoon’, the gauzy euphoria of ‘Ocean In Heaven’ to the cosmic funk pulse of ‘Regard’, the music contained in the ‘Brand New Day’ compilation remains as timely and relevant as the day it was released and should see Mr. YT appreciated alongside the likes of the US and European producers who first inspired him.

´Brand New Day´ is out on Apollo on March 10.

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