Aus announces Cassy’s debut album Donna

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Aus Music has announced the debut album by former Berghain/Panorama Bar mainstay Cassy Britton. The album is titled Donna and will be out on June 24.

Cassy’s first proper album features twelve tracks and was made ‘with no real plan other than to make an album as unpretentious and natural as possible’ according to Aus Music. ‘Donna simply reflects the sounds that have enthused and inspired Cassy over the years, but it didn’t come easy.’ Cassy: “I had broken up with my husband, left Berlin, left my friends and left a way of making music and a way of living life,’ she recalls. ‘It was too painful to make music. I tried singing and it felt awful. I had to look at myself and understand how much I truly disliked myself. I had to get out of all my unhealthy relationships with people that were a mere reflection of how I felt inside. Music producing was out of the question. It reminded me of who I tried to be for other people.’

Once the album writing process eventually started in earnest after six years of stop start, Cassy found out she was pregnant. Six months of structural experiments ensued with sound engineer and friend Lad Agabekov, as did a relocation to LA and then Philadelphia. It was here the album was finished as Cassy found new inspiration and passion with her new born son and partner. They, along with friend and ‘soul brother’ King Britt, ‘helped me transform the album into a more mature version of me and my music. Into the version I am ready for the world to hear.

‘Donna’ is out on June 24 on Aus Music.

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