Aux 88 documentary out in July

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Legendary Detroit techno/electro outfit Aux 88 have just announced more details on an upcoming documentary, entitled ‘Aux 88: Portrait of an Electronic Band’. The documentary movie premiers on July 17 at the Detroit Historical Museum.

A statement issued by the band reads the following: “This documentary is a culmination of our hard work and commitment to the art of electronic music. As pioneers of Detroit Techno, we recognize that, as global leaders of this genre, it is critical to share our history and, in a sense, the history of electronic dance music.”

“We welcome you to be a part of this monumental global project. We invite your input and ideas on how we can partner with you to make screenings, premiers & special shows with you and your companies. The official announcement will happen this month, so please let us know your thoughts on participating in this historic project as soon as possible.. The documentary, and accompanying soundtrack, was completely created and produced by Aux 88, the first group in Detroit techno to create their very own documentary, with input from other artist from around the world.”

Additionally, Aux 88 is working on a limited edition box set that will be sold at the official premiere that takes place on May 22 at Submerge in Detroit. Read the full statement here.

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