Axel Boman – Family Vacation

Axel Boman

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Although Axel Boman’s album ‘Family Vacation’ was released November last year we nevertheless would like to highlight this marvelous release. It’s never too late to share music worth listening in our opinion. 2013 proved to be a year packed with high quality full-length albums, with both numerous releases from newcomers and skilled veterans. Axel released his first full-length album after putting out several EP’s on labels such as Pampa Records and Permanent Vacation. His debut album is obviously released on his own imprint Studio Barnhus.

The album is characterized by a lazy, laid back energy, which makes you feel as if you are driving an Alfa Romeo 1600 through the streets of Italy in the mid 90’s. While driving the iconic convertible, you come across various sceneries taking you from lush tracks like ‘No! No! No! No!’ to ‘Hello’. ‘Fantastic Piano’ passes by on a scheduled picnic along the road and on the way back you hit the throttle while listening to ‘Bottoms Up’.

Yes, this is quite an imaginative sketch of Axel Boman’s release, but the album has such a particular vibe to it that you automatically start fantasizing about the upcoming summer. None of the tracks will be peak time club contenders, but then again, none are supposed to be. Most of the tracks have a drowsy feel to them, and they vary from deep disco vibes to italo-house. The tracks feel honest, warm and simply need to be listened to with a smile.

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