Check out the new Nandu EP for This and That

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Next week Nandu releases his debut EP for Davide Squillace’s This and That. The new EP by Copenhagen’s fastest rising star is called ‘Thoughts’ and is a beautifully detailed and deeply introspective piece of work that clearly stands out from the crowd.

‘The Clock’ is typical of Nandu’s trademark sound with spacious production composed of mechanical drum rhythms and intricate melodies. Laidback and delicate, the track’s avantgarde style has a poise that makes it a work of art as much a piece of music.

‘Thoughts’ combines dreamlike aesthetics and a haunting melody with mournful trumpets. Poignant and thoughtful, each part is played with a delicate touch that’s expertly precise and timed to perfection.

‘Triade’ starts with clacking percussion played in organic grooves, whilst an arpeggiated lead synth provides forward momentum. Jazz influenced melodies add a sense of improvisation, and the digitised main break signals an uplift, where synths open for the track to explode with energy.

‘Use’ is centred around shuffling percussion and ambling melodies that have a certain spring in their step. With a joyous and lighthearted vibe, the track’s nimble synth work dances a merry jig to match the urgency of the brazen bassline.

You can preview Nandu’s new EP below. Be sure to check out last year’s podcast for House Cult too if you haven’t already.

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