Clone reissues Drexciyan holy grail by Clarence G

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Rotterdam-based record store/label/distribution emporium Clone is reissuing one of the holy grails of electronic music, 1991’s ‘Hyperspace Sound Lab’ by Drexciya-founder James Stinson under his Clarence G-moniker.

The extremely rare original sells on Discogs for prices up to 800 euros. It’s one of Stinson’s earliest efforts, recorded a year before he started his infamous Drexciya project.  The reissue is part of Clone’s Aqualung series.

Clone describes the sought after four track EP as follows: “Open minded freely executed tracks from a juvenile soul(s?) with unlimited creativity. Music with the rare beauty of uncalculated expressions of the inner mind, still fresh and unconscious and unaware of the effects and the possibilities coming out of these outings. Powerful pureness.”

Find out more about the reissue here or visit our friends at Drexciya Research Lab for all things Drexciyan.

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