Clone releases Jovonn compilation this autumn

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Clone will release a compilation by New York house legend Jovonn on Clone Classic Cuts in november. ‘Goldtones’ celebrates Jovonn’s groundbreaking work on his own Goldtone imprint.

Jovonn Armstrong is one of the great unsung heroes of house music. With his highly emotional and personal style he played a key role in the development of New York and New Jersey house and garage in the early nineties. ‘Goldtones’ focuses on his early work for the Goldtone label that released a string of highly sought after Jovonn records from 1991 to 1994. The album will be preceded by a twelve inch with additional tracks. Last month Clone already rereleased the classic ‘House a la Carte’ EP that was originally released on Project X in 1992.

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Rogier Oostlander

Rogier Oostlander is the former editor-in-chief of Bassic Groove Magazine, one of the first magazines worldwide dedicated to house music culture in the early nineties. He now works as a record dealer and copywriter in Haarlem, the Netherlands.