Colophon – Concrete (Rosedale)

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‘Concrete’ marks the debut recording of Haarlem, Netherlands based graphic designer and producer Colophon for Rosedale Records. A dubby voyage into the deeper realms of techno.

The third EP on Estroe‘s new Rosedale imprint clearly states the intentions of talented Dutch producer Bas van Vuurde AKA Colophon; well-crafted quality techno that’s firmly rooted in tradition. Title track ‘Concrete’ is a deep slice of Berlin-style dub techno that steadily builds towards a hypnotic climax. New York producer (and firm House Cult favorite) Brendon Moeller takes it even deeper with two different versions, adding some spaced out acid layers to his Echologist remix.

‘Forecast’ follows a similar path initially, yet slowly morphs into a melancholic piece of Detroit-inspired techno with moody strings and atmospheric pads. Rotterdam production duo Duplex picks up the tempo slightly and adds a bit more punch to the mix, but we’re most impressed by the two originals here. Colophon’s clearly one to watch for 2015.

‘Concrete’ is out now on Rosedale Records.

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