Crate Diggers: André Galluzzi

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In this new series called ‘Crate Diggers’ iconic artists share their latest findings and musical gems. Although the number of DJ’s who still play with vinyl decreases, the hunt for new and mind-blowing tracks is still a daily quest, whether it’s an online search or old-fashioned crate digging.

In Crate Diggers, artists who are known for their ability to amaze a crowd with striking and extraordinary records, share their latest treasures. In this first edition, we asked André Galluzzi, to share his musical gems with us.

Andre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh – Beetle (Cocoon 100 box)

“I’m in love with this box, it`s multifunctional with tracks for the beginning of a set, primetime and afterhour sets. It’s a massive box”.

La Fleur – Nightflow (Kenny Larkin mix)

“A fabulous remix with a strong hypnotic note. Some nice jazzy elements in there. The track takes you on a journey. Make sure to play it to the end”.

Maher Daniel & Matthew Dekay – Tauben (Aras Records)

“I love to play a mystical, oriental track at the end of my sets or on a after party”. 

Daniel Stefanik – Seven

“Amazing opening track. Excellent sounds, perfect for a radio show”.

Lewis Fautzi, Nuklear Default – Point (Soma Records)

“This one is a deep and dark, old school techno record. It’s amazing to play this one at huge locations or open airs”.

Butch – Desert Storm Preview (Desolat)

“ Reminds me of a voodoo dance around a fire. At the end of  the track, a vocal choir completes the track perfectly”.

Steve o Sullivan – Moving Forward (Sushitech)

“Although the track is dated, it sounds timeless. Minimal, deep, dubby and very warm”.

Markus Fix – Wanna let you go (Deep Vibe Recordings)

Markus fix shows up with a very jazzy and housy summer track. Smooth and charming, perfect for deeper sets”.

Isolée “Dennis” (Baikal Remix)

“Isolée has a special way of arranging his music, it’s always surprising and really interchangeable”.

Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (Soma Records)

“Envoy is a perfect primetime track. It reminds me of the middle of the 90`s, but it’s also very modern. I just love it”.

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