Crate Diggers; HVCK (Big Doint & Untzz Twelve Inch)

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Crate Diggers; HVCK (Big Doint & Untzz Twelve Inch)

In our new series ‘Crate Diggers’, artists who are known for their ability to amaze a crowd with striking and extraordinary records, share their treasures with us. In the third edition, we asked Big Doint & Untzz Twelve Inch labelboss HVKC, to share his musical gems with us. 

HVCK – aka Alex Fimeri – from Adelaide, Australia is co-head of both the Untzz Twelve Inch and Big Doint imprints. Alongside Babicka they have held down one of the longest residencies at legendary Sugar Nightclub throwing the weekly In The Deep End parties.

Big Doint is that late night burger, the meat between your two buns, however you like it. Lather it up, spill your beans, drop down looooow while you’re feeling high.”

LK – Perhentian (Big Doint)

“When we were given the privelige of putting together an EP for LK – this track was the first on the list of must haves. Spectacular track. Late night or beach party special.”

Sleep D – Sweetwater (Carter Bros Don’t Fight The Remix, Cuckoo music)

“This track has quickly become an anthem in our city of Adelaide, it defines what the city’s sound has become so perfectly. The Carter Bros, need I say more.”

Francis Inferno Orchestra – Hezbolla (Lets Play House)

“This track and whole EP is mental, FIO is going from strength to strength. Definitely ahead of the game and an above average bloke too.”

Tony Allen – Kilode (Carl Craig Straight Mix, Honest Jon’s Records)

“Certified sugar weapon. A treat to ride out on the Bozak mixer.”

Tyson Ballard – Feel Like I Feel (feat. Sheff, Voyeurythm)

“Every since I heard this jam its been looping in my head, some next level song writing from VR label boss.”

Big Strick – Maybe 1 Day (feat. Tony Coates, 7 Days Ent)

“Picked up this gem at our local Transition Records and it has not left the bag since – D goodness. We’re lucky enough to have Mr Strickland join us at Sugar next month and damn excited about it.”

The Ava Brothers – Surrender (Edit) [Ava.]

“Absolutely love this label. Damiano von Erckert’s output in the last year has been phenomenal and its taken a lot to only include one of his tracks in this list.”

Andras Fox (feat Oscar S Thorn) – Running Late (Dopeness Galore)

“One of the best Australian artists and severely under rated at that. The whole EP is a triumph of original, soulful Australian music.”

Vakula – New Romantic (Firecracker)

“Had to include this, my favorite track of 2013 and one of the best DJs we had the pleasure of hosting at Sugar.”

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