Dettmann and Klock collaborate on Ostgut Ton 100

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Longtime Berghain residents Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann have collaborated on Ostgut Ton’s hundredth release that will be released later this month. The double EP is called ‘Phantom Studies’ and will be out on January 27.

Dettmann and Klock last joined forces over ten years ago on ‘Dawning’ (2006) and ‘Scenario (2007). With their new 40 minute double EP the longtime friends pay hommage to both the mythic club that nurtured them and the Berghain-affiliated Ostgut-Ton label, that is now rivalling Berghain in terms of name and notoriety.

The anniversary release will be followed by a four track EP by Ostgut newcomer Massimiliano Pagliara called ‘Time and Again’. You can preview the both EP’s below or head over to our friends at Ostgut Ton to pre-order.

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