Doc Daneeka drops new Global Luv EP on Ten Thousand Yen

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Almost a year after the success of his ‘From Mine to Mistress’ EP Doc Daneeka returns with a new EP for Ten Thousand Yen. The new Daneeka joint is called ‘Global Luv’ and will be out on December 11.

Earlier this month Ten Thousand Yen released an EP with four new mixes of ‘What’s It Gonna Be’, the Seven Davis Jr. collabo featured on ‘From Mine to Mistress‘ last year, with new versions by Andres, Earl Jeffers and the man himself.

The new Doc Daneeka EP ‘Global Luv’ features four new sulty and warmblooded house tracks with intimate, slow burning grooves that have ‘deep’ written all over them. Check out the title track ‘Global Luv’ below.

‘Global Luv’ is out on December 11 through Ten Thousand Yen.

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