Doc Daneeka, a skilled and talented producer to watch out for

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Once in a while you stumble upon a track you immediately love to bits. The kind of track that you can listen to at any given time during the day. When you are lucky enough to find more of these tracks and they are all produced by the same artist, it’s safe to say you found yourself a new favorite producer. That’s exactly what happened to us when we encountered the Welsh artist Doc Daneeka.

The first time we had a listen to one of Doc Daneeka’s tracks was about a year ago. After listening to the ‘Sketches Of You’ EP we were more than impressed. Solid house tracks with energetic peaks, beautiful and well-crafted melodies and above all a unique signature sound. All of Doc Daneeka’s tracks do have their own character and as said can be listened to numerous times.

Due to his impressive releases, his work with Benjamin Damage and his own imprint Ten Thousand Yen, Doc Daneeka gained more international popularity in 2013. In April last year he released another impressive EP named ‘Walk On In’. If anyone ever doubts Doc Daneeka’s skills he or she should have a listen to this stunning EP. The EP is an absolute masterpiece and was listed high in several top 2013 track charts. We would like to introduce you to Doc Daneeka, an artist to watch out for in 2014!

First of all, tell us a bit more about your moniker, where does the name originates from?

“It’s from the book, Catch-22 by Joeseph Heller, which I read when I was about 16 or so, and decided then that I would one day use it as some sort of moniker. Weird in a way, that it would become the defining moniker as an artist, well till now at least!”

What is your musical background and how did you get in touch with electronic music?

Music’s been everywhere for me since I was a kid. I used to play the cello and was always involved in all the school macho stuff, like choirs… you know. But in my teens I was in loads of bands, and really my musical tastes evolved particularly in that time, in a group with some of my best friends, who were really into dance music.”

“At the time, we were just trying to be the roots mixed with red snapper and stuff like that. I mean, apart from that, it was just everywhere too. I mean prodigy was on main time radio, and rave and jungle was massive in Swansea, where I’m from, everyone was playing the helter skelter tape packs at school, you know, one earphone each!”

A lot of your tracks do have amazing sounding melodies, do these melodies represent your feelings when you create them and how do you create these warm melodies?

“Thanks! And yes, absolutely, I don’t think anyone writes good music without their own feelings put into it. The warmth is just how I want it to sound.”

Doc Daneeka – Sketches Of You

2013 could be described as your most successful year so far, was it a long and bumpy road towards this point in your career?

“Not really, I mean, the road was a little long and bumpy, before 2010, but since then it’s been pretty sweet to be honest, I’ve been releasing relatively consistently and touring worldwide since then. So I Feel very privileged to have done what I have so far.”

Your ‘Walk On In’ EP was more than well-received last year and was listed in many top 2013 track charts. Can you share some background information about the EP? What was your intention when you were producing the EP, how was the response after the release and what did the release meant to you?

“Yeah it’s done real well. I think it was just a moment, a release of energy. I had taken a little break, and travelled round India on a scooter with my girlfriend, and I think I just had a lot of energy to give out. ‘Walk On In’, was made in like 3 hours, we were bouncing, knowing it was a big one, then I bounced it down and took it to London where I was playing in plastic people, and it worked so well.”

“It’s definitely a defining record for me. I’d been making a lot of tracks in that vein, trying to get the vibe right, I think you can hear that with ‘The Sketches Of You’ EP, but this one was the defining moment for that sound for me, where I started to feel really comfortable with what I was making moving forward.

Doc Daneeka – Walk On In feat. Ratcatcher

How was 2013 in general for you?

“It was kind of weird, but a beautiful year, I took a lot of it out of music to be honest, and spent pretty much the first half of the year traveling and kind of working with my girlfriend, I think I needed a bit of a break from the pattern that I’d got myself into, I was a little tired from the touring and maybe the constant Berlin thing too you know.”

“So we were all over India, NYC, France, back in the UK, playing some shows, but not loads, and writing on my laptop. Was really good, freshened up my mind of where music was going, and to be honest, that time has paid off to be invaluable, because, the work I did during that period really laid the foundations for what will come this year.”

Any interesting upcoming projects, releases or cool stuff you’re willing to share with us?

“There is possibly maybe an album on the horizon, but you’ll have to wait and see. I think it’s also pretty likely that another They!Live record will be made, and you never know, one of my secret projects might make it out this year too, but I can’t tell you about that yet.

Picture credits: Manon Tarasconi (left) Christian Olofsson (center) Bingoboutique (right)


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