Download an awesome acid mix by Amir Alexander

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It’s one of the coolest things we’ve heard all year: Amir Alexander’s defiantly vintage sounding new mix to promote his experimental acid imprint AAACID. It’s up for grabs on his Soundcloud page.

The relentlessly jackin’ 65 minute mix is best described as an ode to the classic Chicago acid sound of ’86 – ’88 (think Phuture, Armando, Adonis and Jack Frost & the Circle Jerks) in a slightly updated version. In short, it’s 303 heaven.

According to the accompanying description the stellar mix is a one take home recording of some of Alexander’s recent acid material. “Nuff unreleased madness, a few rare vinyl joints and some exclusive mayhem. Selected and mixed by yours truly, Amir Alexander. Please check out and or support my experimental acid label AAACID if you like what you hear.”

Alexander’s AAACID label has so far released three hand stamped records, all in a limited run of 222 records per pressing.

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